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Friday, December 16, 2011

Tooth Fairy Pillow

Hi,  Everyone busy???  Some of you have the countdown on your blogs.  I hate being reminded how many days I have left to get things done.  And then to top it off, I thought I had another week!!!!!  I DON'T!!!!  Maybe I better start accepting this countdown and realize I only have 9 days!!!! YIKES  And now, almost 8!!!!  I'm almost done.  I think I'm going to do the wrapping tomorrow.  And what little baking I do, I only need one day, so I think I'm good!!!!   A friend of mine had back surgery a month ago and I said I would help her do some of her baking.  She had two different doctor appts. this week.  I think next week looks good for both of us.

I delivered the last of my orders today.   These are Renee Mullins snowmen.  I had to put names and dates on these.  And changed some to favorite colors.

 But, I had another order from  Monica!!!!  She wants a tooth fairy pillow.  She's had a loose tooth for awhile now and I was hoping not till after Christmas, so I could wrap it up!!!  We get a call tonight.....the tooth is out!!!!  Is the pillow done?????  I am the great putter-offer of some things, but I did sit down last week and worked on it.  All that I had to do was stuff it....luckily!!!!  So, while they drove over to get the pillow, I'm stuffing!!!!!  DONE!!!!  Waiting for the tooth fairy as we speak!!!!

As you see.....sequins!!!!   She's into blue, but learned she also likes pink and purple.

So, put her initial on a piece of fleece...for the tooth.

 Took a piece of purple fleece and made the pocket for the money.  That pocket looked straight in person?????
A hole!!!!!

Hope everyone is getting it all done. 

Got my box from Traci today ---York Mountain Primitives from my winning #10 of the Twelve Days of Christmas, so come back tomorrow to see what I got!!!!  I still don't know myself.  I was away all day and just wanted to eat supper and chill and then got that phone call, so my evening was a little hectic.

So till tomorrow,
Have a Fabulous Friday!!!!!



  1. Hi Lois, I love your lil' snowmen! Yeah, "ready or not here it comes"!!! I think that Christmas comes faster and faster every year! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas! Kim

  2. Lois, love the snowmen, you do such great work. And the tooth fairy pillow is so cute. I am sure Monica will treasure it. A lost tooth is a biggy!! I dread it when Darbee Rae starts loosing teeth. I can just look back at pictures of Holly with no front teeth and will know what Darbee will look like. She is like her Mommy's twin at this age. Hope you get your wrapping and baking done and enjoy the holiday.

  3. So hear ya Girlfriend - I think my big mistake this year was that stupid countdown thing on my blog....made me nutty and I sorta froze in place. You're ahead me. Cute pillow....How special to have her own handmade tooth fairy pillow! Good luck! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Cute post. The pillow is so cute and girly. I remember those days fondly. I miss them. Enjoy!
    Merry Christmas,