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Sunday, July 31, 2011

An intoduction and a winner!!!!!

Good Sunday Evening!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.


As promised, I said I would introduce our granddaughter....Monica.  She's 5.  Did Pre-K last year and ready to start kindergarten.  How time flies!!!!  And she likes to needle.  That's what she calls sewing!!!!  She's praticing on plastic canvas.  She loves craft time.  I try to find something she can handle without getting frustrated.

That is a Christmas bag she's holding.  Doesn't show up very good.  Since this was a "Christmas in July" giveaway, I got out a bag to put all the names in.  When there's a giveaway, you want everyone to get a gift but unfortunately, you can't do it!!!! :(   I'll try to do more giveaways in the future.

Anyway, here is the name Monica picked.

So, Patti, from Raspberry Lane, congrats.  I read you have a snowman collection, so you have more to add to it.  Never can have enough snowmen!!!!   Please send me your address and let me know if you want them stained or left as they in the post below. 

Everyone have a great week.


Friday, July 29, 2011

Scarecrows and fall stuff!!!!

Remember when I first showed a pic with that enamal pan?  Look how they expanded!!!!  Wished I would have put them more in the middle!!!!

Wow, I just listed some new fall items on my sidebar, put the figures in Paypal and when I got done, everything was titled the witchs shoe and $17.50.  So, had to remove all the wrong prices.  Started over, and I'm still doing something wrong, so will figure that out later.  But all the little scarecrows are $15.00 and they are Di Hiller's patterns.

So will post 2 of the bigger scarecrows here .... Meet Jeremiah  He's 8" tall.  He sits on a ledge, a sharp ledge is best with 3-D legs.  $20.00 + s/h

This is Barney.  He 7 1/2" tall with 3-D legs also.  $20.00 + s/h
There are 3 more in this series of larger scarecrows.  2 of them are laying down.

This witch is on an 18" broom.  The cat and upper torso is cut from 1/4" wood.  Her skirt is black sateen material, black w/purple glittery netting overtop.  Her cat can also be painted goldish.  She's a Cheryl  Sims design.  Used up all the glittery netting, so don't know if there is any more in the stores????

A smaller version of the bigger wreath.  This is on a 6" berry wreath.  $10.00 + s/h.  Can also be made with no wreath.  $8.00 

And the smaller version of the witch's shoe.  It's 5 1/2" tall with no wreath.  $8.00 + s/h
These two peices are Renee Mullins designs.

A pieced candy corn that is wired together.  With hanger it's 8 1/2".  $8.50 + s/h. Any questions my e-mail is at the top of the blog.

Have a great weekend.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Rainy Monday!!!!

Finally, we're getting rain.  Started sometime this morning.  I had a bad night and hardly slept, so was sleeping in this morning!!!!!

Want to share a garden pic I took last week.  My begonia.  Got it for $1 at an Amish stand a couple of weeks ago.  My poor chair has seen better days, but I love it.  Guess I should try and fix it up.  Did you know chippies like to eat the leaves and especially the flowers!!!!!  I've chased him out a couple of times.

Bought this 6 1/2" skillet last year.  It's a shallow skillet.  Was going to put a watermelon with a crow on it.  Glad I let things perculate in my mind.  After seeing some posts, alot of girls like chickens.   And I saw this in a magazine and knew this was going on the skillet.  It's a design by Cheryl Lafferty.

Then I bought this 10" wood plate.  Knew I wanted a Renee Mullins design and found this scarecrow in an old Quick and Easy Painting book.  If it doesn't look like it, I stained it.  That was a no-brainer!!!

Hey, my first 29 followers!!!!  I'm having a giveaway.  A few posts down, I'm giving away snowmen ornaments.  You have till Sunday to sign up.  I'll have my granddaughter pick the winning lady.  And you'll get to meet her then. 

I want to thank the new followers I got.  I'll do another giveaway sometime soon for old and new followers.

Hope it's raining where you live!!!!  :)


Friday, July 15, 2011

For my followers!!!!

Hi everyone!!!

July is half over!!!!  Christmas in July is still going strong out there so I'm jumping on the bandwagon.

I'm having a giveaway for my faithful 29 followers that I have.  They deserve something...I'm not the best storyteller.  Nor do I do tutorials.  I've only done one recipe.  So, they deserve a present, if they want them.
This is what someone will get....3 snowmen ornaments...a Renee Mullins design.  And they can be stained if so desired.
Good Luck!!!!!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Busy, Busy!!!!

I've been busy for the past month.  A friend of mine has me repaint things that she has.  Some things are new, she likes the item but not the paint job.  Some, as in the pics you will see, need a complete makeover!!!!  A month ago, she gave me all these pieces, plus some I didn't take pics of, I had a total of 8 items she wanted redone.  
I did leave the basic color scheme going here, as I liked the color of the shell to begin with.  And that strap is Mint Green, it looks like the original....aqua.

I forgor to take a pic before I started.  It has one coat of orange paint on it.  You can see the spotches it you really look at it.

She has all these items hanging around her pool fence.  She says she feels like she's in Hawaii now!!!!

Now to get busy on fall things!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great summer!!!!


Saturday, July 9, 2011

How sad is this????

There are no pics.

 I was trying to cut my toenails last evening.

 Can't see with the bifocals.

Can't see without the glasses, since the foot is farther away!!!

Can't bend over like I used to.

 Now,  I need a bright sunny day to do this.

  And be outside....better lighting!!!!

 And steps...so you can put your foot up a little higher!!!!!

Not liking this age thing!!!!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

A little vacation

Hi everyone, hope everyone had a nice 4th.  Ours was very laid back, we stayed home!!!  But, we had a little vacation the last of June.  Our daughter lives near Allentown, PA and we went over there.  She took us into New York via New Jersey!!!!  Our first stop was the Statue of Liberty.  We didn't go on the island, but was behind it....no crowds there!!!!

And the skyline from somewhere!!!!

Then we went a parked the car and got on a subway that brought us out at the World Trade Center.  They are building a museum in that area.
We got another subway uptown.  Saw Times Square, Empire State Bldg. Radio City Music Hall.  We walked and walked.  Didn't do any shopping there other than a souvenier.  I collect bells where I have been so pickd up a bell.  Oh, we ate lunch at a McDonalds.  Narrow buildings....you go in and order.  When you get your order you go upstairs to find someplace to sit and that area is not very big and if you don't find a seat there, go upstairs again!!!!.  Luckily, they have a very big ledge at the window and my daughter plopped down there and that's where we ate on the second floor.  Don't know how many floors there were.    But it was great, you could look down below at the sea of yellow taxicabs that honked the whole day and all the people rushing here and there.
My husband like a place in Johnstown called Coney Island that is famous for their hotdogs.  We stumbled upon Nathan's, so he had to try their hotdogs.  He get sauce and onions on his so that's what he ordered.  But their sauce contains beans and he doesn't like beans in his sauce.  Coney Island is still #1 for his hotdogs!!!!

Hope you like visiting New York too!!!!  I would like to go back and go to Ellis Island.