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Friday, September 30, 2011


Everyone enjoying fall????  Hard to believe it will be Oct in a few hours!!!!  And getting cold here for the weekend!!!!  Not liking that!!!!

After the last post and saying how much I like flowers, I started looking around and here are some pics of my fall flowers.

Hubby got me this for my birthday years ago.  Spruced it up and put more flowers in it and the scarecrows.

 Love watering cans.  That's Zippy Wheatacre sitting there looking pretty!!! lol

 And my favorite....this chair...just had to have and decorated it.
 Those are colored glass pumpkins in the base of the vase. 
 Forgot to take that one in the daylight.  Just took it!!!!  And looks like I need to hold the camera still!!!!
Have a great weekend whatever you do!!!!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Ride/A View/A Meal

I live near Johnstown, PA and it is known as the "flood city"  They had a big one in 1889.  After that, they decided they needed an escape plan in case another flood hit and they built this incline, which is the steepest, vehicular incline, even in the Guiness Book of World Records.    This is not a history lession, just preparing for the pics.
 This is about half way up.  You can see our car parked to the right.  A dreary night, had rained before we got there.  A view of the city.
This is at the top ....almost!!!! 

There is a gift shop and a restaurant at the top.  We went there for supper.  No pics of food!!!!
While waiting, this rainbow came out.

The baseball/football field was taken on the observation deck.  I zoomed in.  The next pic is as I saw it from the top.   See it down there to the left?????

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.  Had a great day!!!!


Friday, September 23, 2011

First Day of Fall and A Birthday!!!

It has finally arrived at 5:05 a.m......Fall!!!  Everyone was patiently waiting for this season.  The leaves aren't turned here like in the picture.  The temps are nice....in the high 60's or low 70's.  Love it!!!!!
 Then at 6:15 a.m. on this date, I arrived!!!!!  And on a Friday too!!!!!  But the day I came, it was cold, rainy and it even snowed!!!!!  Maybe that's why I hate snow so much!!!!????
 Was going to spend my day shopping.  My daughter, who always go to my other daughter's on the 4th weekend of Sept....they couldn't make it work.  Last night, I get a call, we made it work and we're going.  Now the other daughter, Amy, they just bought a house this past spring and all she wanted was swags to decorate with in their new home.  Well, completely forgot all about it.  When we went out in June, I asked what I could bring, as she likes home baked goods, but all she said was.....my swags!!!!!  Well, guess who didn't go and buy anything!!!!  You guessed it....me!!!!  I did have one arch sway and made it up in sunflowers so took everything and made it there!!!!  So, when plans came together, I was making swags last night and finished the Steeler one this morning.  They are on their way as I write this!!!!
 This one is a surprise.  Amy doesn't know she's getting this one!!!!  I should make her a Penguin one, as they are Penguin fans too, even though they live in Philladelphia Eagle/Flyers territory!!!!!
 I got a few of my fall things out.  The candle, candle ring and holder are from Deb/Crows on the Cupola as a birthday gift.  I got more things, but not in this fall photo!!!!  That's a Sept. angel and a bell with astors on, as that is the Sept. flower.  A scarecrow I got at a craft show and a pumpkin bowl I got on sale at a store and I put fall flowers in.  Did you guess....I love flowers...any kind of flowers....I love them!!!!  I can't go to a craft store and not come home with more flowers.  Like those flowers on the swags....had them, just not the swags!!!!! 

Hope everyone is having a fun, fall, fabulous Friday.
Thanks for stopping by.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall is almost here!!!!

We're having another warm one, but I guess that's coming to an end tonight.  I'm loving this weather....no humidity!!!!!  Me and humidity don't get along very well.

Here are some of my ghosts that are leftover from the show.  They are 6 1/2" tall and 5 1/2" wide at the bottom.  They are $8.99 a piece plus shipping.

Then I have this little guy.  If you want a smaller version not on a wreath.  He's 81/2" tall with the hanger
and 5 1/2" wide for $7.99 plus shipping.  The one on the sidebar is bigger as it's on an 12" wreath.  Or if you want the bigger version but not a wreath, let me know. 

I posted some new items on the sidebar too!!!

Thanks for stopping by,


Friday, September 9, 2011

Not lost!!!!

Well, school has started.  This is Monica on her first day, Aug 28th.  Boy, she sure has grown in a year's time!!!!

Then I did a 3 day craft show.  Sat was the hottest, humidiest day ever!!!!  Sun was hot and then the rains came.  The girls beside me were literally standing in ankle deep water, just trying to keep the water off the back of their tent.  My water came in the front door, but wasn't that deep!!!!  And 3 tents up from me, the girl got her carpet slopping wet!!!!!  And Mon, had to pack up early and go home and dry out and warm up!!!!

We were lucky and didn't get the rain like the central and eastern parts of PA.  Hope everyone in those areas are OK.  My heart goes out to them.

Want to get a selling blog up and running.   I'm still catching up on my sleep and trying to get things organized in this house.  When I get ready for a show, the whole house suffers and it's still not cleaned up.  I decided to get my fall things out while it was raining Tues, and Wed, was out in my flower garden weeding.  It really was easy to pull those weeds out with all that water we had.   So, stay tuned for a giveaway, hopefully, in the near future!!!!

Thanks to all my new followers.

Keep safe,