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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Been awhile

Hi everyone,
It's been awhile....I did a show last Sat,  trying to get weeds under control in the flower garden and life in general.

And  after the show on Sat, which wasn't too good, I haven't been in the mood to craft.  Maybe it's this weather.  After having 7 days of dreary, rainy weather, and then the only day we see sun, no one wants to be inside at a craft show.  And then the Mississippi flooding, tornadoes in Joplin and now in Oka. and wherever else they may have hit, it's quite depressing.

I did a Renee Mullins design and put it on a breadboard.  It's in her new book, Mini Seasons Vol #2.  I stained it and took a pic of it also and lost the pic somewhere in cyber space and it won't recopy or at least I don't know how to recopy it!!!!

Then I did these blocks, drilled the holes and not once but twice I put the letters on upside down!!!!  In my haste to get things done for the show, I was trying to get stuff done while I would be doing something else and the glue would dry so I could work on the sides which have stars on.  As they say....haste makes waste!!!!  Luckily, I caught the mistake before the glue dried!!!!

Hope this finds everyone fine and enjoying the weather.  It's bound to get nice here one of these days. 


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day...what's left of it.  Hope everyone had a great day.  I had breakfast with my parents, husband and oldest daughter.  Got a phone call from the second daughter.  She had an anniversary yesterday.  7 years.  They just bought a house.  She lives on the outskirts of Allentown.  She lives close to the Cinnamon Stick and I visited with Judy at her store last year. 

Posted some new pics on my sidebar.  One is the breadboard that I asked "should it be stained or left alone?"  Well, I stained it.  If you want to see the difference, scroll down to March 16th post.  It does make a difference!!!!!

I found  an oar in GW last year and finally painted it up.   Sometimes, I have to leave things sit and then an idea pops into my head what I want on the piece.  It's narrow...3 1/2" wide...28" long.

The sheep pattern I got out of Create & Decorate...the lastest issue.  You have to go to their site to download the patterns.  There are 3 different.

Thanks for stopping by.