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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Charlie Brown Christmas!!!

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas.  We did....Monica did!!!!! lol

Enjoyed looking at everyone's decorations.  Everyone's home was soo nice and inviting, I wanted to visit you all and see your homes in person and try your cookies.  Always like trying new things.

I got a Charlie Brown tree!!!  And not one, but two!!!!!  Monica couldn't wait till we did our Christmas on Monday night and I got it Sun. morning when we were over at her house to see what Santa brought.  Then in the afternoon, that is what my brother and his girlfriend got me too!!!!

I put it beside the big light up and by the tables with the Snoopy displays.

Then hubby says, you really can't see it down there, so put it ontop of the record player.  Yes, I have a record player that plays LP records!!!!!  It's also a CD player and radio!!!!  And the record player has an arm so I can stack records and listen and listen!!!!  A birthday gift a couple of years ago from hubby!!!

And then I put the 14" tree on the one display table .  My brother and his girlfriend got me the 14" tree and then in the right hand side on the round table, I also received a  Snoopy with Woodstock.  You can see Woodstock's Santa hat.  Snoopy has a Santa hat on too. 
Oh, and here's Monica's favorite gift from Santa.  She was singing a song she wrote!!!!  This was before our Christmas Monday night.

Hope your last 4 days of 2011 are great!!!!



  1. Hi Lois...I love your Charlie Brown Christmas trees. I haven't seen those. I'd love to get one and send to my brother. His wife always wants the full Christmas trees each year, but he prefers the scraggly, open trees and he's always called them his Charlie Brown trees. LOL! BTW...I have me one of them there record players as well. Hubby bought me mine, too, a few years ago. I didn't even know they still made them at the time! :) Happy New Year, friend! ~~Annie

  2. Lois, your Snoopy collection is awesome! Especially love the tree.
    Your grand daughter looks like a natural with the guitar. Happy New Year to you and yours~

  3. Lois, your little trees are adorable and fit right in with your collection. Your family really knew just what you needed, didn't they?


  4. Ohhhh....I LOVE your Charlie Brown trees - and I'm not even a huge Charlie Brown fan...But those are so cool! And Monica looks adorable with that guitar...kind of reminds me of Crystal Bowersox on American Idol....(My FAVORITE that season!!) Wishing you a wonderful new year full of promise and hope....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin