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Monday, January 30, 2012

And the winner is.........

The winner of the x's and o's is Angela...Thru Nanna's Window.  Congrats Angela!!!!  Hopefully, will be in the mail tomorrow.
Should have had a votive lit behind that snowman that's holding up the paper there.  Just another snowman!!!!

Thanks to all who participated.  Thanks to the new follower.  Hope everyone will be back for future giveaways.  Don't know when.

It was nice to see the sun today too.  A little cold, but sure was nice.  I think all last week, it was dreary days and I don't do well on dreary days!!!  Only 2 more months to go.  The sun is setting at 5:35 today, so everyday it will be getting later and later.  YYYYAAAHHHH!!!!!

Hopefully, this week, I will take down my snowman tree in here.  Need the space!!!!  Already working on some tulips, bunnies.  Started painting tonight..egg outfits for the Welcome seasonal bear that I do.  I'm sold out of pink and purple so better get some made up for a show in March.

Everyone have a great week.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Snowmen pics

Yes, this will be picture overload.  I didn't realize how many pics I took till I downloaded them!!!
It was finally a sunny day here in PA...for a change!!!  But it didn't last long, but long enough to show the dust that was laying around!!!  I dusted before taking pictures!!!!   I'm showing pics of snowmen and some are taking their snowmen down.  I leave mine up till time to decorate for Easter.  I leave anything red up from Christmas up till valentine's day.  I have a nice display of snowmen and valentine and red on the dining room table but didn't feel like cleaning off the table for the pic!!!  There's enough here to look at, if you make it to the end!!!!

 These are on the dining room wall.  The shadow box is in the middle.

 My favorite.  When I saw these hats in Michaels a few years ago, I had to have it!!!!  I filled it with the greenery and everything else.  Those are small snowballs laying in there.
 A sifter from Deb...Crows on the Cupola.    And the snowmen picks are from her too.

 I don't have this shadow box filled.  I surely didn't put a box somewhere else!!!!  I try to keep all the snowmen together.
Those two cloth snowmen hanging, I got them at a Piece Goods Shop.  Do any of you remember that store???  I loved that store and I miss it.
 After the Snoopy's are put away, this is where snowmen that take candles or votives sit now.  The snowman in the back left has a light in front of him.  And the snowglobe on the right is battery powered and it keeps the glitter spinning and changes color!!!!  The tall red snowman candle in front is a gift from Deb..Crows on the Cupola.  Did you see the tall snowman stick in the corner????  I didn't know he was in the picture, or I would have made him pose better!!! lol
 I even have a snowmen tissue holder
 My daughter got me this sled a couple of years ago and I added a string of lights to it.
 These guys sit on my kitchen window sill.  They are dressed in red someway. 
The clay guy is even holding a heart!!!!
When valentine's day is over, I'll get all the snowmen that have green somewhere on them and they will sit and watch me do the dishes!!!!

If you made it this far, don't forget to sign up for my giveaway on the previous post.  You have 25 hours.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I was thinking...........

Yes, I've been thinking ever since I said I had a blogaversary I wanted to do a giveaway.  So while working on these x's and o's by Megan Tucker, I thought these would be a good giveaway.  So, this is going to be a quick giveaway so you get them at least by the beginning of Feb.  All I ask you be a follower and if your not, you can join.  Be a resident of the U.S.  I guess that's it.  I want this to be simple.  This will end Sun. evening and will pick a name around 9:00 p.m.  So, leave your e-mail address in your comments so I can contact you.
They measure about 3 1/2" to 4"

Have a good week.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Some Valentines

I finished some hearts that I'm going to list on Esty.  The material for all the hearts is red velveteen. All are $12 for 3.
These are designs cut from a piece of white lace.
These are cut from a tan lace with tan pearls in the centers of the little flowers.
These are white ribbon flowers with pearls in the middle.  Tiny lace gathered to make a rosette with pearls in the middle and pearl beads with a ribbon flower.

Did my little tree for valentine.  Added red roses and things I'm picking up on sale from previous  years when they go on sale.  I have the lights on.
Then behind it is my grapevine snowman that I decorated with pine and pips.  That's a cardinal sitting on his hat sitting on a snowman runner.
Hope everyone is staying warm and cozy with all these storms hitting or coming your way!!!
We didn't get too much snow from this last blast. 
Till next time,

Friday, January 13, 2012

My giveaway winning

Hi guys, I was going to try to post once a week, but that has gone by the wayside already!!!!  I just keep putting it off, as I wanted to tell you about my trip to our New Hobby Lobby in my area.  Only 45 min away.  It's a BIG store.  Alot of home decor.  And of course craft items.  They have material.  Love looking at different material, although, there was alot there that Jo-Ann's carry.  What surprised me most about this store....no Sunday hours!!!!  They don't scan things at the cash register, so if your item doesn't have a price amount on it, better find something that does.  And they had paint books!!!!!  Laurie Speltz, Mary Jo Tuttle, Sue Jerrigan, but no Terrye Frenche or Monica Brint, if you want the prim painters.  And they close at 8 p.m.  The store was so overwhelming to me, that I just looked, bought 3 items.  But, if I need anything, I know where to find it!!!!!

Sometime back in Dec. Deb from Paxton Valley Folk Art was having a giveaway and I won the candlemat.  She also included a Believe sign.  It is gorgeous.  Can't wait for Christmas to come this year so I can have it out all month!!!!!  Deb had everything in it's only little bag. 

Deb apolozied for not sending it in Dec and wanted to make up for the delay by sending me some Valentine items. 

Aren't these tags just the cutest???? 

And love the dove!!!!!  Can you see the glitter!!!  And Deb cross-stitched 4 x's to attach the wing.

And there's where I hung the dove, in the middle of my valentine garland in the dining room.  The living room has the holly garland with lights on the other side.  I leave some things up, cause when you take down all those Christmas items, it looks so bare, so I take it down gradually.  I see my tree back there needs to get some red in it!!!!

Will try to do better in the future.  I have 50 weeks to try and be better!!! lol


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Blog Anniversary!

Happy 1st  Blog Anniversary to me!!!!

I thought this was the month I started, so I checked last night and here it is today!!!!  Wow, a whole year!!!
I have increased friends a hundred fold!  I have learned so much about all of you.  And the crafts you do.

I love flowers.  If we ever win the lottery, I am going to have fresh flowers delivered to the house once a week!!!!  Carnations are the flower for the month of January.  Carnations is also the flower you would give someone on their first anniversary and this is my first....so carnations all around!!!!!  And I love carnations.  They are a hearty flower that if you cut the stems every other day and change the water, they can last 2 weeks or more.  And maybe it doesn't hurt to add that stuff they give you when you buy flowers!!!!

Monica lost another tooth last night.  She pulled it out all by herself!!!!  Mommy knew it was ready and it was coming out no matter what. 
Here's a basket I found at Goodwill.  It was different!!!  I like different.

And after taking everything out, cutting out a mountain of foam, here's what I did with it.

Maybe I could add a cheesecloth bow????  Too much???

Will be adding some things on Etsy later tonight.

Hope everyone is staying warm.  Hear it's cold just about everywhere...even the Sunshine State!!!!!

Take care,