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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bah Humbug!!! and Snowmen

As promised, my snowmen on the tree and around in shelves!!!  There are alot of pics as I took closeups in sections of the tree.  And it's only a 4 footer!!!  Mostly, there's  glass, cut glass, some ceramic, clay,  a crocheted one, tin ones.  The mouse in the hat is an old Avon ornament I found for $2.

I think I should have waited till the sun moved.  We had finally gotten a sunny day, and I took the pics in the morning.  In fact, the sun was in my eyes as I was trying to focus and see what I was doing!!!!

 My favorites is the snowman sitting in the wreath, the snowman sitting on the red sled.  That middled hanging one is a jingle bell with a metal hat and nose.
 I painted the blue couple (wood).  The two ceramic ones above them, I painted.  The other guys I bought.
Got him at a craft show.

Now, for the Bah Humbug part of the post!!!!

This is my husband's side of the room!!!! 
 And he's a Stooge fan.  My brother gets him either something stooge or Penguins, as you see the hockey guy in the above pic hanging on an antler.  There's one behind Scrooge, that's why he's hanging cock-eyed!!!!


  1. Too funny...half snowmen and half Stooges! Such a riot!


  2. You have decorated so beautifully and who could ever have enough snowmen - I love them all!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. I love your snowmen collection. Mine didn't get brought down from the attic this year so I have to go to sites like yours to get my snowman fix. I must be honest and tell you that although your hubby's side of the room is interesting I like your better. Merry Christmas. Hugs

  4. LOOOOOOVE all of those snowmen, Lois!! I love it when we can be surrounded by our collections!

  5. You really have a unique collection going! All the snowmen are darling and so glad they won't melt or you'd have one heck of a mess!

    Merry Christmas Lois!

  6. Lois love your snowman collection! Merry Christmas,Jen

  7. That's toooo cute Lois. Love your snowmen.


  8. Wowsers....that's a LOT of snowfolk!! Funny about the tree - I finally gave up trying to get a decent photo - they're not easy to photograph! Hmmm....Stooges and scrooge on the hubby's side....too funny. At least he collects something! Mine doesn't understand that concept of "collecting." ;o) Wishing you and yours all that's bright and merry! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin