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Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Doll, Penguin and Poinsettias

I had picture overload in my last post, I thought I would add her today!!!!  This is my walker doll I got in 1952.  She sits all year in her original dress.  But at Christmas she dons her Christmas dress.  Actually, it's a leftover Cabbage Patch doll dress that didn't sell!!!!  So, it's now hers.

I want to thank all my new followers and hope to get to know you all better.  Write to me anytime.  It's fun meeting new friends.

I love seeing all of everyone's decorations for Christmas in your homes or your outdoor decorations. 

I have seen on blogs, what's your favorite Christmas memory or story.  But I want to know your favorite Christmas song/carol?  Mine is the Carol of the Bells.  I love that song but I think it is the shortest!!!!  I could listen to it for hours.  Also, I like Mary, Did You Know?  by Kenny Rogers.  So, lets hear what yours is.

Hope everyone is getting it all done....without stressing about it.  Funny, it seems to get done without worrying about it.  I found that out years ago!!!!

I'll be back with my snowman tree whenever that gets done!!!!

Take care,



  1. Hi Lois! I love dolls, too!
    Although I have MANY favorite Christmas Songs, one that stands out is Faith Hill's "A Baby Changes Everything". Just LOVE it! Can't wait to see the Snowman Tree!

  2. Lois what a special treasure you have in your doll! I love The Little Drummer Boy song.It has been a favorite for a long time.Can't wait to see your snowman tree.Hugs,Jen

  3. Oh Lois - you cut me to the quick - there are so many, many, Christmas songs that are my "favorite" - that's why I start listening to them so early. I do love "Mary Did You Know" - but another that come to mind right now is Garth Brooks' "The Gift".....Merry, Merry! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Lois, I have a Patty PlayPal that I inherited from my grandmother. Why she needed a doll like that at her age, I'll never know, but she ended up giving me the doll when I was about three. I think we were about the same height! LOL


  5. Your doll is a true treasure! She is gorgeous and so wonderful to have! I would love to find some of my childhood dolls...but I've got lots of dolls now so I should be happy! heehee! Happy holidays! ♥