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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some decorating done

Everyone is getting all decorated for Christmas.  Love looking at what everyone is doing.  Me, same ole, same ole.  I keep a little 4' tree in the living all year round and decorate for each holiday.  I seem to had collected alot of Snoopy's and now this little tree holds my collection.  I mostly buy the mini ones, sometimes someone gets me a bigger Snoopy ornament.  Whitman candies used to have some hard plastic figures on top of their sample boxes and then they put bigger nylon dressed in holiday attire.  Will take a pic of them later.  So, just showing my Snoopy tree today.  When I took the picture, that about all I had done.  I finally decorated my hanging tree in the dining room with minatures yesterday, but didn't take a pic.

Oh, I see in the background, my feather tree I won from Sandy...Old Country Cupboard when she was having a giveaway last year.  I had the little red balls.

This is the swag I finished up for an order today and delivered it this afternoon.

Notice I still haven't changed my fall tablecloth yet!!!!  I think that's the only fall thing that is still around.  One of these days when I clean it off, I will change it.  I painted wood dics like peppermint.  Added some plastic candy and lollipops!!!!

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  1. Such a sweet snoopy tree. And I love the swag. I'm sure your customer was well pleased. Have a great day. Baking is on my list for today. Want my cake layers in the freezer soon.

  2. Love your Snoopy tree and the swag with the little gingerbread men and the red and white peppermints is perfect.

  3. Your tree looks sweet Lois - and, oh - you're way so ahead of me....Yup - still have a fall runner on my table as well. The way it's been going though, I guess I should be thankful it's not an Easter one! Happy Tuesday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Hi Lois! LOVE your snoopy tree and ornies!
    Hope you're having fun and enjoying the joys of the season!

  5. Lois, your Snoopy tree is really cute and unique! Gotta put away the fall, though, it really is time! LOL