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Friday, December 9, 2011

More Snoopys

Are you ready for more Snooopys????  You don't know how many you have till you start taking pictures!!!

 I did the latch-hook rug.
 My Santa Snoopys.
 The lights were a gift from Deb...Crows on the Cupola many years ago.
 The back table, the doghouse, Sally, and Charlie Brown are porcelan.  The doghouse lights up with the lights on it.
 Snoopy plays the piano.  There are two displays that are from Hallmark.

 I filled in the tree with gold decorations this year.  Every year, I have a different color scheme going.  I think I did white/pearl decorations last year.  I do music/candy/red.  Haven't done candy in awhile, maybe next year!!!!
These are nylon guys that were on Whitman's candy years ago.  They don't do that these days.  They sit on top of my paints.  That's basicially the blue section there, so anytime I want a blue color I have to move a Snoopy.  Oh, there are plain Snoopy's that sit there all year round.

Then I took a picture of my narrow cupboard that showcases the different seasons.  Here I have a reindeer/moose collection going on.  And of course, there's a Snoopy in there too!!!!

Then the shadow box right across from this cupboard going back the hall to the bedrooms.  An assortment of Christmas items here.  The bells are Christmas gifts I received when I taught Sunday School many, many years ago.

My dining room wall.

A candy cane Santa...got at a craft show.  The Santa...got at a So-Fro Fabris after Christmas sale.  Any of those left anywhere???  My half tree with minature ornaments on and a crafting friend made the star at the top.  An elf... got at a craft show.  That's a red tin cone...got at Jo-Ann's after Christmas sale and filled with pine and white poinsettias and there are tiny gold stems at the top.

Well, I think I bored you enough.  Will show pics of my snowmen tree when I get it decorated.  It's up, the lights are on and that's as far as that got.

Everyone have a great weekend.  Am enjoying everyone else's decorations.



  1. I love all of the Snoopys and you do have plenty to love. Your decorations are wonderful and your home looks very festive. Warm wishes for a happy holiday.

  2. A Snoopy Lover you ARE!!! LOVE all of the displays and collections, Lois!! Aren't they so much fun?!

  3. You've truly been a busy little elf, Lois! Yikes - that's a lot of holiday cheer! So happy and fun though! I do believe, though, you ARE the Snoopy Queen!!! ;o) Hoping your weekend is off to a great start! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. I love all of your fun Snoopy things! I decorate with a lot of toys and dolls! It's FUN! Happy holidays! ♥