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Friday, December 2, 2011

Advent calenders

I just saw someone who made an Advent Calender, which on the church calender started Nov. 30th, but to do a calender, we start with the 1st of Dec.  Here is the site if you want to make your own Advent calender
There are a bunch of girls doing 14 days of Christmas and everyday someone different is featured on something to make or decorate.  At the end of her tutorial is the list of everyone involved if you want to check them out.

Speaking of Advent Calenders, I made Monica one when she was born.  I'm a sucker for sequins and beads and I have made stockings for my girls and Monica, using the sequins and beads and cut out felt pieces.  These are kits that I buy.  I just love doing that kind of work.  And, luckily, I started this in Jan of 2007 as I didn't get it finished till the advent of 2009 when she was old enough to put the pieces on herself!!!!   Here are some pics of her calender.

I added the halo and used a brown chennile stem for the staff for the shepherd.  They didn't have that in the kit and all shepherds need staffs to keep those little sheep in line!!!  Sorry about the blurriness of the closeup there!!!!

My shopping trip....Anymore, it's wholesale bought things.  There are only a few girls who actually do the crafting.  The prim booths were selling quite well, but the ladies who made toaster covers, placemats, there was no one in their booths!!!!  I bought American Girl doll clothes, Scentsy scents for my daughter.  There were a couple of booths there to buy supplies...wreaths, pip garlands.  I bought something from them as you don't find what they had to offer, in our stores back here.  And the "As Seen On TV" wasn't there!!!!  And I was going to buy something from them too!!!!!

There are girls in blogland who are doing The 12 days of Christmas tutorial's  http://ravenwoodwhimzies.blogspot.com/
and http://yorkmountainprimitives.blogspot.com/ is having a giveaway for 12 days, starting today.  You have to be a follower of her blog to enter and you had to be following by Nov 30th.

And before we know it, it will be Christmas, cause here it is Dec 1st already!!!!  Only 29 days of 2011!!!!!

Happy Shopping!!!!  Happy Baking!!!  Happy Caroling!!!! 



  1. Hi Lois!
    I feel so stupid having not realized this is your blog and you have been a follower of mine for some time now - I honestly would have been here sooner if I'd got the link 'DOH'
    But now I'm here I want to thank you for visiting me!
    Your advent calendar is just the cutest one I have ever seen!
    Best wishes
    Christine preferablyprim

  2. Wow - lots of work in that calendar Lois. I started a wallhanging many, many, moons ago with the 12 days of Christmas - sewing all these sequins and beads on by hand. Never finished it, and then decided I wasn't really a bead and sequin type girl. Hmmmm... Lots of work for nothing. Thanks for all the info and links - fyi, Pamela from Our Pioneer Homestead is also doing 12 days of crafts on her blog....there's a link on my sidebar....Happy December to you! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Very cute advent calendar! Merry Christmas...