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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!!!


King George VI quoted it in his 1939 Christmas broadcast to the British Empire.

I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year

“Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown.”

And he replied:

“Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of God.

That shall be better than light and safer than a known way!”

So I went forth and finding the Hand of God trod gladly into the night.       


M. Louise Haskins  (1857 - 1975)




M. Louise Haskins (1875-1957)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

As everyone knows, I'm a Snoopy fan.  My little tree is gradually getting more ornaments on.  I always buy the minature Snoopy's that come out every year.  Plus what I get as gifts.  I do have a Pier Import ornie on there.  A Santa chair and a Snowman hat are added to that tree.  I just couldn't resist those.  I was going to fill the tree in with candy ornaments and use candy cane garland, but never got to it, so I guess it will stay as it is!!!

Wishing everyone a joyous Christmas!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Changed my template.  Ready for Christmas!!!!  I don't know how you girls do it....Craft, FB, do your blog, Pinterest...I haven't got there yet.  And put things in your Etsy store!!!  I'm doing something wrong!!!!

Well, anyway, hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  Our youngest daughter was home, that's her only trip home.  Sometimes in the summer they come home, but lately, we've been going over there in the summertime.
Here's some Thanksgiving photos.

 Amy, Monica and Shawn
 Amy and Melissa  Looks like I was a little shakey here!!!! :(
This is where the kid belongs!!!!  Melissa, Monica and Doug.
Have the house decorated.  Still have my Snoopy set up to get up and the little tree in the living room need decorated.
Going to Pittsburgh tomorrow to shop with my cousin and her SIL. 
Hope I'm back sooner!!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Remember me?????

I've been gone for so long, you probably forgot who I am!!!! lol  Time seems to be flying by in triple speed!!!!  I have been busy.  In Aug. I was approched to put my things in a consignment store.  So I did.  Had my etsy shop up and running.  Then getting orders on the side.  Needless to say....BUSY!!!  And it's getting to be that time of year, people looking for gifts.  So, before I get lost again, I'll post some pics of Monica at our annual leaf jumping weekend.  I always have her the second weekend in Oct and get her Sat afternoon and she spends the night.  It was a nice day, cool, as I had my winter coat on.  The sun is quite deceiving in those pics!!!  And today, it was 77 degrees!!!!   Anywho...pics

OK, did you see her smile.  We're missing 2 front teeth.  I think we'll escape the school pics of no front teeth.  She had her school pic taken in Sept.  So, by next Sept, they should be in!!!!!

And back in Sept was my daughter's anniversary.  They like to party...we call them rednecks.  So, for an anniversary gift, this is what I made/gave them.
And never would I have thought my daughter would be raising chickens.  She got the peeps in the spring and now chickens are wandering around their yard.  They do not live near a highway unless they peck where they shouldn't!!!!!  Then they got a rooster!!!  Henry!!!!  I'll have to get pics sometime when I'm out there.

Everyone take care.  Enjoy this fall weather we're having.
Till next time

Sunday, September 2, 2012

First day of school

Another school year has rolled around.  Where did the summer go???  I think we ask that question every year!!!  Where does time go???  Off to 1st Grade.

Nothing much happening. 

Take care


Monday, July 30, 2012


Thought I better do this post before the month of July is over!!!  Where did this month go???  We went out to our daughter's the second week of July.  She lives in Allentown, PA.  Have to show off our new grandpuppy!!!!  Well, he's not the cute cuddly little puppy, but he's a puppy!!!!  Of course, we brought treats and a squeaky toy!!!!  (You know we can leave) lol  It's an outside toy!!!!   They also have a cat, so have to show a pic of Sebastian.  We brought new toys for Sebastion too!!!!

Here is Tyson!!!

And Grandpa playing with him.  Tyson didn't want to sit still to get his pic taken, so had to be held!!!!

Then one day this month we took Monica bowling.  She loves to bowl.  Her first ball was a strike!!!!  Of course, we didn't get that pic!!!

That's it for this month.  It was too hot to do much of anything.  Hope everyone is having a great summer and staying cool!!!!

Don't forget to check out my etsy store, have listed some new items and will be listing some more new ones in a day or two.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

A "Shop Hop"

The Old Farmhouse Gathering is having a little contest this month.  On my sidebar click on the icon and it will take you to the blog and all the instructions.  That icon is one of the pics in the item that is the giveaway item.


Hope you have fun searching for the 30 items/icons and you could be the winner for 10 of them.

Good Luck


P.S. any questions...just ask me!!! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Monday, June 25, 2012

Thunder in the Valley!!

No, we didn't have thunder from the skies.  It's the thunder from motorcycles rumbling by as they get from one town to another on this weekend that has now become a national motorcycle rally.  This is what Johnstown looked like on the main streetss and anywhere they could park.

Then there were the vendors selling motorcycle things to jewelry to  food.  Those are leather jackets, vests, etc.

There was a parade on Sat and the Budweiser Clydesdales were the main attraction.

 Their harness weighs 130 lbs.
 Even the dalmation has a harness!!
 The handlers are there wiping their mouths and if that gold harness part gets slobber on it, they wipe it too!!!!  And they kept doing that, till it was time to pull out!!!

This piece of sculpture is in front the the Tribune-Democrat (local paper) accompanied with Monica.  This is where Dave and I both worked 30 some years ago!!!

Today, we went to hear a Johnny Cash impersonator. 
The lady behind is the June Carter impersonator.  She also did Patsy Cline, Janis Joplin and Alvin!!!!!
Monica was up on stage with the tambourne and had the mike and was singing Ring of Fire, but Dave didn't take just a pic, he was videoing the whole thing!!!!
All in all, it was a busy, noisy weekend!!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Graduation Day!!!

Well, it was yesterday, just now getting around to it!!!!  I forgot to take a pic just of her and the other pics are blurry since I zoomed in!!!

Getting the diploma

I have the first two backwards.  This is walking in.

Me and hubby.  He's in his work uniform as he left for work after the pic was taken!!

Off to first grade!!!!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Bad!!!!

I'm just getting lazy!!!!  That's my only excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!!  lol  And time flies!!!!
I have some pics of Monica which I took the first of May and here it is the end of...  She plays soccer, so took a few pics.  Now it's almost over...3 more games left!!!

See the red head pony tail?  She was where #7 was in my camera and by the time I clicked it, they had moved!!!!!

Then we went to a play.  The cast was mostly kids.  They even had audience participation.  We went to see Honk Jr.  Story about The Ugly Duckling.  Here the Head Goose is teaching them how to fly.

Coming in for the landing...had to get low!!!!
I was able to get seats right on the floor!  Great viewing.  Could see everything. 
Monica wants me to take her again.  For the rest of the year, the plays are adult plays.  So next spring.

The next pics will be her Kindergarten graduation...next Wed.  So hopefully, will post them right away!!!!

Been posting some fall things on etsy, so check the shop out!!!  Can't start early enough!!!

Till next time, take care.


Monday, April 30, 2012

Another Birthday!!!

Since Feb, I've been posting birthday celebrations and this is the last one for awhile!!!
It was Monica's 6th birthday yesterday, but we had our little family get together last Tues night.  (I know, I'm a little late posting this, but the birthday was yesterday) so I'm on time!!!!  We did her mother's birthday March 27th even tho it was April 3rd.  It just suited everyone for the March date.  Well, Monica just thought it was tooooo long to wait till her birthday and here it is...come and gone!!!!  Time sure does fly!!!!

 This is a pic with my mother.
 Took these pics this morning.  I planted this about 5" from the tree.  Look how it has spread!!!!  It is just covered with purple flowers.  Monica's feet stepping stones are to the right of it and one of them will be covered with it spreading!!!!!  And I moved them to the right last year and I can't move them anymore!!!!  I have things planted on the other side of the stones.

 I had the tag of what kind of plant it was, but it has blown away and I can't remember what they are.  If anyone knows, please let me know.
And this is a closeup of my Hawthorne tree.  Looks like it survived the snow and the two night of freezing cold temps!!!!!  The flowers aren't as nice as they should be for just opening.  They look like it does when it's done blooming!!!!!  BUT, I have a tree and I have blooms!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!!!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Mother Nature at her finest!!!!

Everyone is showing the pics of their snow, so I'll share mine too!!!!  We got about 6" out there.  It's heavy, as trees are bent over.  I was awake at 6 and checked on my Hawthorne tree and my lilac bush and both were bent over.  I was sick.  My hawthorne has buds on it and it is soooo pretty when they are out!!!  The lilacs are out, but think they will survive!!!
This taken from my kitchen window..a little zoomed in.  See the tree in the middle...bent over at the top.

This is my Hawthorne tree after hubby went out and took some snow off.

There is a lilac bush there.  It's in the back yard.

This is the lilac bush in the front yard after hubby worked on it earlier.

This is after I worked on them later in the morning.  The Hawthorne tree looks like that too, but it's still not standing straight up.  See the lilacs????

And it's still snowing out there................

Hope everyone is safe.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

I hate it!!!!!

  Why do these people have to change things!!!  If it's not broke, don't fix it!!!!  That's my motto!!!    I suppose, when I get used to it...but until then, I'm not a happy camper!!!!  Looking around here and there's headings listed on the right side of this.  Have no clue what they mean!!!!  When you get to be 60+, you don't go messing around with stuff, especially this technical stuff since I'm not that computer savy as it is!!!!
I guess I feel better I got that off my chest!!!!

Anywho, thought I better show my one and only picture of Monica at Easter.  Her and her daddy were sick that weekend.   It was my turn to have them for supper Easter Tues, so that's when she got her basket from us.

My hubby's bright idea to get her a 1lb solid chocolate rabbit!!!!  I learned this past Tues night, it still hasn't been opened yet!!!!!

We had a beautiful day today.  I worked a little in the flower garden trying to dig out those dandelions.  That's going to be an all-summer job!!!!!  My lilacs didn't freeze when we had that super cold night (low 23) and they are now flowering.  I love the smell of lilacs!!!!  Must cut me a few and bring in the house.

We are to get snow next week.  I knew the winter we had was too good to be true.  Now we want nice weather and it's going to get cold and snow.

Been litsting some new things on etsy.  Other than that, nothing new. 

Hope this finds everyone else doing good.

Till next time,

Take care,