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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Snowmen pics

Yes, this will be picture overload.  I didn't realize how many pics I took till I downloaded them!!!
It was finally a sunny day here in PA...for a change!!!  But it didn't last long, but long enough to show the dust that was laying around!!!  I dusted before taking pictures!!!!   I'm showing pics of snowmen and some are taking their snowmen down.  I leave mine up till time to decorate for Easter.  I leave anything red up from Christmas up till valentine's day.  I have a nice display of snowmen and valentine and red on the dining room table but didn't feel like cleaning off the table for the pic!!!  There's enough here to look at, if you make it to the end!!!!

 These are on the dining room wall.  The shadow box is in the middle.

 My favorite.  When I saw these hats in Michaels a few years ago, I had to have it!!!!  I filled it with the greenery and everything else.  Those are small snowballs laying in there.
 A sifter from Deb...Crows on the Cupola.    And the snowmen picks are from her too.

 I don't have this shadow box filled.  I surely didn't put a box somewhere else!!!!  I try to keep all the snowmen together.
Those two cloth snowmen hanging, I got them at a Piece Goods Shop.  Do any of you remember that store???  I loved that store and I miss it.
 After the Snoopy's are put away, this is where snowmen that take candles or votives sit now.  The snowman in the back left has a light in front of him.  And the snowglobe on the right is battery powered and it keeps the glitter spinning and changes color!!!!  The tall red snowman candle in front is a gift from Deb..Crows on the Cupola.  Did you see the tall snowman stick in the corner????  I didn't know he was in the picture, or I would have made him pose better!!! lol
 I even have a snowmen tissue holder
 My daughter got me this sled a couple of years ago and I added a string of lights to it.
 These guys sit on my kitchen window sill.  They are dressed in red someway. 
The clay guy is even holding a heart!!!!
When valentine's day is over, I'll get all the snowmen that have green somewhere on them and they will sit and watch me do the dishes!!!!

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  1. What a wonderful assortment of snowmen Lois. Love them all. I still have my snowmen out even though we are NOT having winter temps. here in the South. I haven't decorated for Valentine's as I don't have too many decorations for that holiday. Will put out a few in a week or so. Enjoyed all the photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your snowmen are all so cute! Dusting would be one of the main reasons that mine all got put away today! It sure was a beautiful day though!


  3. You, my dear Lois, are truly the Snow Queen....Wow - that is a collection and a half!! They are all sweet as they can be though....Thanks for sharing with us! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. I would leave my snowmen out all of the time but don't have the room. I'm going to have to get a wall unit to display them so I can leave them up longer. I love the variety you have. Each one is a treasure. I envy you your collection. Hugs

  5. Nice collection Lois! Glad they are all of the "non" melting kind or you'd have a flood! ;-)
    So many different ones.
    Enjoy your Sunday~

  6. Wow girl, and I thought I had a lot of snowmen... you got me beat I think, haha! Love the idea of putting lights on the sled, that's cute. My snowman tree is staying up for awhile. We're still hoping for one good snowstorm but our weather has been consistent 40's to 60's all winter which is so weird for us.

    I enjoyed your snowman pictures, they are cute Lois!

  7. Lois thanks for visiting my site, I LOVE your snowmen collection, I should finally take some pictures of mine, it's so nice putting them up for X-mas holiday, then here in NJ I leave them out through March and when the urge to get the spring stuff hits they are put up. My husband likes the colorful look so its isn't as anticlimactic after the holidays.