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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I was thinking...........

Yes, I've been thinking ever since I said I had a blogaversary I wanted to do a giveaway.  So while working on these x's and o's by Megan Tucker, I thought these would be a good giveaway.  So, this is going to be a quick giveaway so you get them at least by the beginning of Feb.  All I ask you be a follower and if your not, you can join.  Be a resident of the U.S.  I guess that's it.  I want this to be simple.  This will end Sun. evening and will pick a name around 9:00 p.m.  So, leave your e-mail address in your comments so I can contact you.
They measure about 3 1/2" to 4"

Have a good week.



  1. Hi Lois, I'm a follower and I have an address in the US so count me in.


  2. These are so cute! I'm going to post on my blog!
    Not entering because someone surprised me~

  3. Hi Lois, love the x's and o's. And I am No.1. And no. 1 hardly ever wins., but someone has got to take the plunge, huh? Such a sweet giveaway and at a perfect time for some lucky lady to use them for the Day of Love!! You know I am a follower and please enter my name. Hoping you have a great day.

  4. Hi Lois. I am a follower, please enter me in your cute giveaway.


  5. Hi Lois,
    How cute are those!!
    Count me in. I am a follower and I live in the USA.
    I will post to my side bar.
    Thanks for such a fun giveaway.
    Enjoy your day,

  6. Hi Lois, I am a new follower. Please enter me in your drawing. I love the x and o's. Every text that I send to my children and husband I add and xo at the end. I would love to have some to add to my Valentine decor.Thank you so much~ Sara

  7. Good Morning Lois-
    Love your x's and o's.
    Please enter me in your Giveaway.
    I am a follower and live in the US.
    I will post on my sidebar.


  8. Happy blogaversary Lois! I'm not entering (live in Canada) but just wanted to send my good wishes and good luck to all who enter! Deb

  9. Love your falling hearts and your blog background Lois.. please enter me in your X's and O's giveaway!

  10. Hi Lois,
    Love your X's & O's. I'm a follower and would love to be entered into your giveaway ~ thanks!

  11. Please enter me! Those are so cute!