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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Blog Anniversary!

Happy 1st  Blog Anniversary to me!!!!

I thought this was the month I started, so I checked last night and here it is today!!!!  Wow, a whole year!!!
I have increased friends a hundred fold!  I have learned so much about all of you.  And the crafts you do.

I love flowers.  If we ever win the lottery, I am going to have fresh flowers delivered to the house once a week!!!!  Carnations are the flower for the month of January.  Carnations is also the flower you would give someone on their first anniversary and this is my first....so carnations all around!!!!!  And I love carnations.  They are a hearty flower that if you cut the stems every other day and change the water, they can last 2 weeks or more.  And maybe it doesn't hurt to add that stuff they give you when you buy flowers!!!!

Monica lost another tooth last night.  She pulled it out all by herself!!!!  Mommy knew it was ready and it was coming out no matter what. 
Here's a basket I found at Goodwill.  It was different!!!  I like different.

And after taking everything out, cutting out a mountain of foam, here's what I did with it.

Maybe I could add a cheesecloth bow????  Too much???

Will be adding some things on Etsy later tonight.

Hope everyone is staying warm.  Hear it's cold just about everywhere...even the Sunshine State!!!!!

Take care,



  1. Happy Blog Anniversary to you!!!

    I love fresh flowers in the house too. Sometimes I'll pick up a small bundle at the grocery store or I'll go out to the woods and get some wildflowers, my favorite. =]

    Oh, the fun of loosing teeth and the tooth fairy coming for a visit. Monica's gonna be raking in the dough, lol. Such a cute pic of her!

    LOVE the transformation you did on the GW basket. The flowers are so neat! We haven't had any snow yet, but Spring will be here before we know it!

  2. Congrats. to you Lois on your one year anniversary. What did we do before we started blogging??? My anniversay is later in the month. Wow, Monica pulled that tooth all by herself? I could not even pull Holly's when she was little. The Mister had to do that. Monica will be getting good use of that tooth fairy pillow you made her, huh? Hope the fairy is good to her. Love what you did with the basket.

  3. Happy blog anniversery!!!! my blogaversery is in April it will be my 1 year anniversery too!!!! I love blog land we get such sweet Prim friends!!!! Big Prim Hugs Casey

  4. Happy anniversary, Lois! So glad you took the leap a year ago! Love that basket. It IS different. I like different too! If you know my prims, you know I love cheesecloth bows! LOL! Enjoy a hundred days worth of carnations! ~~Annie

  5. Happy Anniversary Lois! I too love carnations, so pretty, come in lots of colors and seem to last the longest... Congrats to Monica for being a big girl and getting that tooth out all by herself... Hugs, Traci
    P.S. Love the basket...great find and redo

  6. Happy anniversary Lois. Love what you did with the basket.

  7. Hi Lois,
    Happy Blog Anniversary!!
    Love your basket creation-just fabulous!
    Enjoy your flowers!

  8. super cute basket, Lois! Happy Blogaversary! I think your Etsy Mini looks great and LOVE your St. Patty's day decor!!

  9. Happy Blog Anniversary Lois.. I can't believe it's been a whole year either! Love your falling hearts!