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Thursday, March 3, 2011

More bunnies

I've finished these wood bunnies by Rene Mullins.  The wreath is 10" and is OOAK.  I bought a smaller wreath with all those pips and eggs on at a GW and just put them on this wreath.  The little bunnies are 51/2" and with the bunny garland 9 1/2".  Boy, have I missed painting.  Still working on the material bunnies as shown in the last post, for orders.

Everyone has been sooo busy making all different kinds of bunnies.   And getting their spring things out.  Surprisingly, I'm slowly putting away snowmen and all things pertaining to winter.  I don't usually do that till the middle of March.  Maybe, it's seeing all of you getting your spring things out makes me want to get mine out too!!!!   And a couple of windows got washed!!!!! Not by me, but by my hubby.  Gotta love him!!!!!!

I've been abit under the weather.  I had a cold and thought was better till my head started exploding and realized I had a sinus infection....again.  Four years ago, I had one in my ear and the sinuses drained through my left ear and broke the ear drum.  That was an experience.  You don't have surround sound when you only hear out of one ear!!!!!  I couldn't sing in the choir for months as I couldn't tell if I was on the right note!!!

It's been nice visiting with you and have a nice weekend.  Hopefully it's going to be nice where you live.  We're in for rain and that "s" word!!!!  YUK!!!!!



  1. Lois, Great job on the bunny. Happy weekend.
    Becky at Ginger Creme Hollow

  2. Love your bunny Lois, great painting job! And a hubby who does windows, wow is all I can say LOL! Sorry to hear you are under the weather, I hope your cold clears up soon and doesn't cause you too many problems. Thanks so much for your kind words at my blog, they are much appreciated. Stay warm and dry the rest of the weekend! Deb