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Friday, January 25, 2013


 As I said, I couldn't get my pics so am behind in posting this.  This was the week after Christmas we finally got more than a dusting.    Monica is coming down the driveway.
 Where Monica is now, is at the top of a little hill in the front yard that goes down to the driveway.
There she is at the bottom. 
Before going down....again!!!!
Hopefully more pics after this weekend.  Going to a town that is doing ice scupltures.  We've taken her since she was a year and half old!!!  She missed one year...she was sick!!!
Hopefully I can walk better.  I fell on the ice two weeks ago and pulled my inner thigh muscle slightly.  Then two nights later, I pulled it good since it was already pulled.  I sleep with a pillow between my knees and lost my pillow and my feet find it and reposition it.  That's when I really pulled it.  Been walking with a cane..that helps, but tired of only carrying things with one hand!!!!! hahaha  But I'm still shopping!!!!!  Been resting it this week since it's so cold out, haven't even gone up for the mail!!!
Later guys


  1. Hi Lois! Sorry to hear of your injury - OUCH!
    Hope it heals quickly!
    Have fun at the ice carnival!

  2. Hi Lois,
    Just look at that smile. You can bet she's happy.

  3. Love the pictures of the snow. Looks like Monica is having a lot of fun. Darbee sure wants to see some snow this year. Still hoping. Hope you feel better and can walk better soon!