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Monday, April 30, 2012

Another Birthday!!!

Since Feb, I've been posting birthday celebrations and this is the last one for awhile!!!
It was Monica's 6th birthday yesterday, but we had our little family get together last Tues night.  (I know, I'm a little late posting this, but the birthday was yesterday) so I'm on time!!!!  We did her mother's birthday March 27th even tho it was April 3rd.  It just suited everyone for the March date.  Well, Monica just thought it was tooooo long to wait till her birthday and here it is...come and gone!!!!  Time sure does fly!!!!

 This is a pic with my mother.
 Took these pics this morning.  I planted this about 5" from the tree.  Look how it has spread!!!!  It is just covered with purple flowers.  Monica's feet stepping stones are to the right of it and one of them will be covered with it spreading!!!!!  And I moved them to the right last year and I can't move them anymore!!!!  I have things planted on the other side of the stones.

 I had the tag of what kind of plant it was, but it has blown away and I can't remember what they are.  If anyone knows, please let me know.
And this is a closeup of my Hawthorne tree.  Looks like it survived the snow and the two night of freezing cold temps!!!!!  The flowers aren't as nice as they should be for just opening.  They look like it does when it's done blooming!!!!!  BUT, I have a tree and I have blooms!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!!!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Mother Nature at her finest!!!!

Everyone is showing the pics of their snow, so I'll share mine too!!!!  We got about 6" out there.  It's heavy, as trees are bent over.  I was awake at 6 and checked on my Hawthorne tree and my lilac bush and both were bent over.  I was sick.  My hawthorne has buds on it and it is soooo pretty when they are out!!!  The lilacs are out, but think they will survive!!!
This taken from my kitchen window..a little zoomed in.  See the tree in the middle...bent over at the top.

This is my Hawthorne tree after hubby went out and took some snow off.

There is a lilac bush there.  It's in the back yard.

This is the lilac bush in the front yard after hubby worked on it earlier.

This is after I worked on them later in the morning.  The Hawthorne tree looks like that too, but it's still not standing straight up.  See the lilacs????

And it's still snowing out there................

Hope everyone is safe.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

I hate it!!!!!

  Why do these people have to change things!!!  If it's not broke, don't fix it!!!!  That's my motto!!!    I suppose, when I get used to it...but until then, I'm not a happy camper!!!!  Looking around here and there's headings listed on the right side of this.  Have no clue what they mean!!!!  When you get to be 60+, you don't go messing around with stuff, especially this technical stuff since I'm not that computer savy as it is!!!!
I guess I feel better I got that off my chest!!!!

Anywho, thought I better show my one and only picture of Monica at Easter.  Her and her daddy were sick that weekend.   It was my turn to have them for supper Easter Tues, so that's when she got her basket from us.

My hubby's bright idea to get her a 1lb solid chocolate rabbit!!!!  I learned this past Tues night, it still hasn't been opened yet!!!!!

We had a beautiful day today.  I worked a little in the flower garden trying to dig out those dandelions.  That's going to be an all-summer job!!!!!  My lilacs didn't freeze when we had that super cold night (low 23) and they are now flowering.  I love the smell of lilacs!!!!  Must cut me a few and bring in the house.

We are to get snow next week.  I knew the winter we had was too good to be true.  Now we want nice weather and it's going to get cold and snow.

Been litsting some new things on etsy.  Other than that, nothing new. 

Hope this finds everyone else doing good.

Till next time,

Take care,


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!!!!

Thought I would pop in with pics of Monica coloring the eggs yesterday.  Melissa doesn't color any eggs, as with all the egg hunts Monica goes on this weekend, she has enough eggs.  All the eggs stayed here.  I made some potato salad, and hubby will have egg salad sandwiches this week.  My ritual before sunrise service is one egg and  strawberry jelly bread!!!!  That will hold me till the Easter breakfast at church!!!

She thought she needed her little yellow chair.  (Can't be sitting down coloring eggs!!!)

There's all of our eggs!!!

I got those bunny sunglasses years ago on sale.  Gave them to her on Fri and she thinks
they are real glasses.....they have wire frames and nose pieces!!!!  She wants to wear them
to school.   (Mommy is sooo glad I gave those to her)....NOT!!!!!!
Wait till she (Melissa) sees what Grandpa bought for her!!!!!  A 1lb. solid chocolate bunny!!!!!
And Monica is off Mon and Tues.  Let the sugar high begin!!!!!

Wishing all my blogging friends and visitors a Happy, Blessed Easter!!!!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hi there,

Don't fall over, I'm posting  just days apart and not weeks apart!!! lol

I have some more Easter pics. 

I forgot about this peep!!!  I have it hanging on my daughter's shadow box, so I don't bend the wire, and when I was getting ready for the craft show and moved the lattice, there it was.  Deb from Crows on the Cupola made me that many years ago!!!!

More Snoopy's!!!!!  The guy on the right has a paintbrush in his hand and painting the egg.
This guy....I made him.  I didn't think he was going to be this big....30" tall.  In fact, he's so heavy, he needs a heavy duty hanger!!!!  I've thought I would reduce the pattern, but never have. 

Today is my oldest daughter's (Monica's mother) birthday...36!!!!   Where have those years gone???  This was the weather we were hving 36 years ago, as I just wore a light coat to the hospital.  It was nice and warm 5 days later when I came home too!!!!!  Now your in and out!!!!!  We did her birthday celebration last Tues, as she had plans for tonight!!!!

I'm adding more things to my etsy site.  Please check it out.

If I'm not back, everyone have A Blessed Easter.


Monday, April 2, 2012


That's Missing in BlogLand!!!!

Boy, time sure does fly by.  Another month gone and if memory serves, I believe March came in like a lamb and went out like a lamb.  It was raining on Sat, but at least it wasn't a snowstorm.  Oh, now I remember, the 1st of March was nice, as I was out driving that day and thought, wonder what I will be driving in on the last day, as I had a craft show the 31st.  And while I was driving to get there, it was just dreary.

As promised, pictures!!!!  Easter will be here next Sunday, so better post my Easter pics!!!!  I have one I forgot, so I guess another post, as I'm too tired to go take it!!!!  I have been decorated since the 17th.

 My new bunny I made up.  Didn't sell at the craft show :(  And the tulips in the cutter quilt....my winnings from Traci   http://yorkmountainprimitives.blogspot.com/ when she was having a giveaway around Christmas and I have admired those when I saw those last year on her site.  Visit Traci's site as she has some cute primitive items!!!
 This bunny bought from a local crafter.  She hangs on the other side of my shadow box in the dining room.
The whole view.

And see that bunny holding the pink tulip.  That's my swap goodie I got from Vicky when we did a swap!!!  I drooled over that guy when I saw him/her????  lol    A stop at Vicky's shop is a must!!!  She has some cute things too!!!   http://vicky-myart.blogspot.com/

The white bunny was made by the same lady as that bunny hanging on the wall.  A friend made that tall muslin bunny.  And the pair of bunnies, I got at a Piece Goods Shop many, many years ago.  The other items I painted.

Everything made by me, except the bottom left ceramic bunny and the muslin bunny above it.

My Easter Snoopys

My fabric Snoopys.  See the blue bunny purse on his arm???   And that's a purple scarf with Woodstocks all over it.

I'll try and do better and not be missing for so long.
Have a good week.