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Monday, April 2, 2012


That's Missing in BlogLand!!!!

Boy, time sure does fly by.  Another month gone and if memory serves, I believe March came in like a lamb and went out like a lamb.  It was raining on Sat, but at least it wasn't a snowstorm.  Oh, now I remember, the 1st of March was nice, as I was out driving that day and thought, wonder what I will be driving in on the last day, as I had a craft show the 31st.  And while I was driving to get there, it was just dreary.

As promised, pictures!!!!  Easter will be here next Sunday, so better post my Easter pics!!!!  I have one I forgot, so I guess another post, as I'm too tired to go take it!!!!  I have been decorated since the 17th.

 My new bunny I made up.  Didn't sell at the craft show :(  And the tulips in the cutter quilt....my winnings from Traci   http://yorkmountainprimitives.blogspot.com/ when she was having a giveaway around Christmas and I have admired those when I saw those last year on her site.  Visit Traci's site as she has some cute primitive items!!!
 This bunny bought from a local crafter.  She hangs on the other side of my shadow box in the dining room.
The whole view.

And see that bunny holding the pink tulip.  That's my swap goodie I got from Vicky when we did a swap!!!  I drooled over that guy when I saw him/her????  lol    A stop at Vicky's shop is a must!!!  She has some cute things too!!!   http://vicky-myart.blogspot.com/

The white bunny was made by the same lady as that bunny hanging on the wall.  A friend made that tall muslin bunny.  And the pair of bunnies, I got at a Piece Goods Shop many, many years ago.  The other items I painted.

Everything made by me, except the bottom left ceramic bunny and the muslin bunny above it.

My Easter Snoopys

My fabric Snoopys.  See the blue bunny purse on his arm???   And that's a purple scarf with Woodstocks all over it.

I'll try and do better and not be missing for so long.
Have a good week.




  1. Hi Lois!
    Good to see you here this morning. Thought I was going to have to send out the troops to find you! I'd forgotten about your craft show. Hope it went well for you. I've been rather busy myself, just seems like there is always something taking me away from what I set out to do, but it's all good.
    That's life for ya!
    I haven't gotten out as much of my Easter decor as I have in past years. I'm not sure why. I've been creating, then when I get around to pulling my own stuff out it end's up being to close to the holiday then I think "why bring it out now?" lol Maybe if we'd been having nicer weather I'd have thought about it sooner.
    Your displays are always chucked full of cute things to look at.
    Hope you have a wonderful week and a blessed Easter Sunday.

  2. You've made so many wonderful things for Spring! And everything is so joyful and sweet! Enjoy your week!

  3. Hi Lois! Wow that was a fun tour of your Easter decorating! You have so many adorable bunnies and your Snoopy collection is FANTASTIC!
    Thanks so much!

  4. Good morning Lois, I've missed you and am happy you're back with a new post. What an absolutely fantastic display! So many fun things to look at and I love it all. Have a great day. Hugs

  5. Holy Bunnies!! I think your rabbits have multiplied...you have almost as many wabbits as snowfolk! ;o) Loving them all - but, you know, my very favorite is that first one in your first photo on the left that you said you made....She is too, too, sweet! Hope your show went well....Happy April!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin