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Monday, April 23, 2012

Mother Nature at her finest!!!!

Everyone is showing the pics of their snow, so I'll share mine too!!!!  We got about 6" out there.  It's heavy, as trees are bent over.  I was awake at 6 and checked on my Hawthorne tree and my lilac bush and both were bent over.  I was sick.  My hawthorne has buds on it and it is soooo pretty when they are out!!!  The lilacs are out, but think they will survive!!!
This taken from my kitchen window..a little zoomed in.  See the tree in the middle...bent over at the top.

This is my Hawthorne tree after hubby went out and took some snow off.

There is a lilac bush there.  It's in the back yard.

This is the lilac bush in the front yard after hubby worked on it earlier.

This is after I worked on them later in the morning.  The Hawthorne tree looks like that too, but it's still not standing straight up.  See the lilacs????

And it's still snowing out there................

Hope everyone is safe.



  1. Hi Lois, Oh, I feel for you! We are having record breaking temps here in Idaho...90 degrees yesterday! Now, I'll be complaining because it's too hot! However, I certainly wouldn't want the snow! Have a great week! Kim

  2. Oh my gosh! Though the fresh fallen snow is lovely and clean to look at it's just not the right time of year. Boy, I hope everything will pull through.
    Hang in there Lois!

  3. Poor trees.. Mother Nature has not been a nice lady lately! Hope it melts fast.

  4. Oh my, girl that's a lot of snow!! I hope your Hawthorne survives! It's so weird to see green and flowers and then lots of snow, crazy! You all be careful.

  5. Ugh, I have to admit it, I do not miss that snow one bit! Stay warm :)

  6. It's cool here to but NOTHING compared to how 'cool' you guys are! UNBELIEVABLE weather we're having!! Hope the trees survive.....and you do, too!!

  7. I saw this on the national news tonight that you all got hit with snow and we had record heat...no figuring out mother nature that is a sure thing. Hope your trees survive, Lois.

  8. Oh no! Your poor flowers! I hope the sun comes out and melts it soon! Stay warm!

  9. We all seem to be having some strange weather this spring. It finally turned warm here and the trees have leaves and blossoms. My bushes and shrubs haven't starting blooming yet and since we could end up with more snow I'm hoping they will hold off for a bit longer. Last year it was the end of June before it got this warm. Hopefully your lilac bush and hawthorne tree won't be harmed by this freaky weather. Enjoy your day Lois. Hugs

  10. Wow! That's a lot of snow! Hope your flowers make it.

  11. I cannot believe this was pictures from a few short days ago, that is crazy Lois!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your comments!