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Saturday, April 21, 2012

I hate it!!!!!

  Why do these people have to change things!!!  If it's not broke, don't fix it!!!!  That's my motto!!!    I suppose, when I get used to it...but until then, I'm not a happy camper!!!!  Looking around here and there's headings listed on the right side of this.  Have no clue what they mean!!!!  When you get to be 60+, you don't go messing around with stuff, especially this technical stuff since I'm not that computer savy as it is!!!!
I guess I feel better I got that off my chest!!!!

Anywho, thought I better show my one and only picture of Monica at Easter.  Her and her daddy were sick that weekend.   It was my turn to have them for supper Easter Tues, so that's when she got her basket from us.

My hubby's bright idea to get her a 1lb solid chocolate rabbit!!!!  I learned this past Tues night, it still hasn't been opened yet!!!!!

We had a beautiful day today.  I worked a little in the flower garden trying to dig out those dandelions.  That's going to be an all-summer job!!!!!  My lilacs didn't freeze when we had that super cold night (low 23) and they are now flowering.  I love the smell of lilacs!!!!  Must cut me a few and bring in the house.

We are to get snow next week.  I knew the winter we had was too good to be true.  Now we want nice weather and it's going to get cold and snow.

Been litsting some new things on etsy.  Other than that, nothing new. 

Hope this finds everyone else doing good.

Till next time,

Take care,



  1. I agree. I don't like the new look either. Wow! That's a lot of chocolate! Monica looks like one happy girl though. Can't believe you're getting snow! Have a good weekend.

  2. I'm the same way...I hate the changes and they have me all confused now out here in Blogland!

    I LOVE the photo - the expression on her face? Priceless!

  3. I hate it too - try this link


  4. HA! EVERYONE is saying the same thing, Lois! You can cry on my shoulder. We'll learn together!

  5. 1 pound solid chocolate?? Just thinking about it gives me a tummy ache but it sure would be fun getting there, lol. Such a cute picture of her.

    Glad your lilacs survived the freeze! Yes, they smell so good and are so pretty. I hope the upcoming snow doesn't kill them off.

    Have a wonderful weekend~

  6. I hear you Lois, I changed to one of the 'new' Google templates and it took me hours to get everything figured out and positioned correctly! Got to love the internet, never a dull moment! Love the look on your granddaughters face, that is too cute! And what will power to not have opened up that chocolate bunny yet! Lucky you to have your lilacs blooming already, I do so love their scent. Enjoy! Deb

  7. I thought for sure I left a comment yesterday!?!?!?! Geesh, I'm with you-if ain't broke don't fix it!!!!
    Love the picture of a very happy Monica! ;-)
    Heard the weather forecast for the east.......yikes! We finally hit 89 today!!!!
    take care,