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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Saturday's activities

What a gorgeous weekend we had.  Almost 80 degrees and Monica wanted to jump in leaves.  So, while I'm raking leaves, Monica was taking pics of the garden.  Some of my flags and decorations.

 Baby had to jump first!!!!
 Then Monica and baby!!!

Monica always want to paint something.  So, I had bought this witch's mask and she painted.

The hat is black, and she put purple and blue glitter on it.  Then for the bling!!!!!  The mouth is squares, teardrops, circles and stars.  Oh, she put red glitter on the face.  Stars in her hair!!!!

Did you notice my new blog header????  Traci at York Mountain Primitives made this up and anyone can have it!!!!  Wasn't that nice of her.  Thanks so much Traci.  I need all the help I can get!!!! lol

Have a great week.



  1. Looks like a fun Saturday! LOL, I gave up raking leaves in our yard because the next day it's covered again. Awww, Monica looks like she's enjoying her day and she did a beautiful job on her mask! She certainly is a cutie pie.

    Hope you have a wonderful week.


  2. Great pictures Lois! Looks like it was a beautiful day to be outdoors. TFS


  3. Thanks for sharing the photos Lois - that Monica is such a cutie - and love her paint job on the witch! Must be gonna take after her gram's talent! And love your new header too - that is so sweet of Traci to do.....Hope you're having a great week so far! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. What cute pics! Looks like Monica takes after you...a future artist for sure!

    I haven't forgotten you. Just trying to wrap up my Halloween orders. ~~Annie

  5. Hi Lois, So you had to work this weekend? I hate raking leaves. We did that sooooo long until Mr. P. got tired of it and bought an attatchment to the mower. It picks them up and grinds them and he uses them as mulch and such in his garden. Whew, was so glad when he did that. Monica is a doll. Looks like her and her baby had a great time with you. She did a great job on that mask. Yep, I bet she and Darbee Rae would be dangerous together. (ha) You take care and have a great week.