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Thursday, October 13, 2011


Hi there,
Here's something new to you that I finished.  I made these years ago and every now and again, I dig this pattern out and do it.  There are always new girls that start coming to craft shows.  It's a 2-sided item.  So
you get 2 seasons out of one thing you have to put away.  It's just that after Christmas you have to find your fall box and put it in there.

 It's a 10 1/2" wood piece, not counting the length of the hanger.  There is a pearl sheen wiped over it, which the camera did not capture.  The spider is a flocked spider, so he kinda looks real.  The hanger is curly ribbon.

 Santa has a gold sheen wiped over him.

The piece is $20 plus shipping.

Hope everyone is having a great day.  No rain today.  Yeah!!! 



  1. Very nice, Lois! Love that it is two sided!


  2. These are so very pretty! Great job! He will ship nicely in a flat rate box.