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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Little Bit of This and That

This may be heavy with pics, but we all like to look at pictures, right?  I know, I do!!!

Let's see, I painted a St. Paddy's pic on canvas.  Never painted on canvas before, so thought I would try it as this would have been a hard piece to cut out of wood and paint!!!!
I think the glass is glaring as there is white lines/spots on the hat.  They're not there in person!!!

Then I put my "green" out.  I don't have too many snowmen with green scarves, but I do have leprechauns and bears!!!!

 Oh, yah, my ceramic guy I painted many years ago, when I went to a ceramic class.  He's holding a white pipe.
My tree.  Not much green on there.  Just some balls and green, glittered ferns.  Some gold sprays.  And a cluster of green balls with one gold one with green swirls.  My red bow on that snowman looks out of place now.  I do have green candles in the candleholders that you can't see in the pic!!! lol

Before I put the snowmen away, I said I forgot to show you all the snowmen on my frig.  Some wood, plastic canvas, cut-out material, slate and ceramic.

And today is Fat Tues and had our annual celebration at our church.  Here's Monica all decked out!!!!
Then they have a donut eating contest.  The kids love this and look forward to it.  Monica's getting better at it.

That's about it for this and that. 

Thanks to all the new followers I got.   I love all my new friends.  I so enjoy getting comments.

Till next time,
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  1. It looks like you're ready for St. Patrick's day. I just love the color green so this is a fun holiday to decorate for. Your painting turned out great. Hugs

  2. Lois,
    your painting came out great! Hope all is well.

  3. Your painting on canvas turned out great. I can't paint, but wish I could. Love your leprechauns. Have a great night!

  4. Hello Lois, You did a wonderful job painting on that canvas. I love the St. Patty's picture. I do not have anything for this holiday. When Holly was little on St. Patricks day I would have green mashed potatoes and tint my cornbread green. Went all out with the meal, was so much fun. Darbee Rae is so picky eating she would not touch anything like that. Monica is growing so fast. She is so pretty. Love the donut game. Did that one year at a party for Holly. That is hard work just to get a bite of a donut. Enjoyed visiting with you. Take care

  5. Adorable painting, you did a wonderful job on it! Wow, love all of your green! Is that a year round tree? I have a small tree that I keep out year round and was wondering if I should go ahead and put my egg ornies on it yet. We don't celebrate St. Pat's Day and I don't have any decorations for it. My grandma went all out though and I always enjoyed looking at all her green.

    Monica's pretty good at the donut eating contest! I just know mine would fall in the floor or something, lol.

    Have a delightful week, my friend~

  6. Love the painting Lois! You're little green Shamrock fella is way beyond cute!! You do rule as the Snowman Collector!!

  7. You are so talented - love your painting!
    The kids really do look like they're having a great time!
    Best wishes

  8. I am now following on Linky. great blog! Thanks for following my blog also :)

  9. Following you now on Linky! LOOOOOVE your painting so whimsical and pretty! Really awesome! :)

  10. So...does your tree stay out year-round? I've been considering doing that! Love all the green...hope all is well in your part of the world!

  11. How cute she is! And what pretty things you have for this holiday! I'm off to look at your Etsy store, too! I see lots of Spring things in there! Hugs! ♥