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Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Hi everyone!!! 

I know, it's not valentine's day yet, but thought I better show you my Snoopy's before the day is come and gone.  I just got them out last week.  I would think about them while painting but didn't get up right then and there and get them, so one time, I thought I better get them out before it's over!!!!
 I just have the two big guys.  The pink one, he's cupid with his purple wings and bow and arrow.
And then he's dressed in his "nines" with a rose in his mouth, being all Casanova!!!!! lol
 Here's my little guys.  The front one, he's a knight in shining armor!!!
 The front one...all puckered up, ready to give you a kiss!!!!!
The front one, that a yellow clipboard with "love potion" and the beaker in his hand.  And with his glasses on, being Joe Cool!!!!!
They sit on my window sill where I paint and the two bigger guys sit on the paint bottles like the Christmas ones.  Just thought I would arrange the whole group together and take a pic.

Wow, what a weekend we had, blowing snow and cold!!!!!  Downright cold!!!!  Now today, the sun is shining and just makes me want to run around.  I love to run when the sun is out, but should stay home and get some bunnies made!!!!  I have so many different projects started, I now need to just finish them all up before I start something else, but I can't!!!!!

We have a steep driveway.  A good driveway for sledding.  Monica came out yesterday and hubby and her sled rode for a half an hour.  I bundled up, without the camera, and I wasn't coming back in or I never would have gone back out.... and watched them for awhile, till my fingers froze off!!!!  Then we came in and had some hot chocolate!!!  Hubby replowed the driveway this morning, so I'm sure with this sun, it will be all melted off by day's end!!!

It's my turn to cook tomorrow night, so that will be our valentine's day.  Hubby's birthday was yesterday, but we'll do the cake tomorrow night with Melissa and Monica here.  The cake you ask:  Chocolate with peanut butter icing!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  Hope it's a good one.



  1. Love all your Snoopy's. That's quite the collection you have. Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Valentines Day to you!!!!!

  2. Wow! What a cool collection. Have a very happy Valentine's day!

  3. LOVE your Snoopys! Great collection...he's so much fun! Enjoy your dinner tomorrow night. The cake sounds delicious! Happy belated birthday to your hubby! ~~Annie

  4. Happy Valentines Day!
    That's quite the collection of Snoopys Lois.
    Enjoy your dinner tonight.