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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Finally got these done.  I made these all in different colors and now I want to enlarge the pattern and make bigger ones.  I think they would be easier to work with.  These weren't that hard to do.

Boy, I'm ready to wash windows!!!!  I'm ready to wash the winter dirt off of them.  On sunny days, they are just bugging me and they are saying "Wash Me!!!"  lol  No, I am not a clean freak.  I have other things I want to be doing than cleaning!!!!  There again, on sunny days and I see those spider webs, I get the mop out and get rid of them.

 I think, no snow is in sight for this week!!!!  Let's hope.

Many thanks to my new followers.


Monday, February 21, 2011

It's baaaccckkk!!!!

Yuk!!!!!  The snow is back!!!!  We were spoiled by those 60 degree temps late last week!!!!  But, I knew it was too soon to get excited and think spring was here.  Not in W. PA.  We will have weather like this till April!!!!

Still working on my new bunnies, but will show you my egg bunnies.  I see there are no yellow or pink ones in that group.  Any color can be made.  I had other bunny pics from last year,  I took the pics on another camera, but do you think I can find those pics.

  I heard that.....start scrapping, and have your pics in an album!!!!! 

 And intentions are good...
I've bought the paper, the embellishments, but I just don't have time to work on that too!!!!  I either need more hours in the day.   More days of the  week.  More of me.  Or don't do the housework!!!! 

The eggs are $3.50 each plus s/h.  It's a 2" egg and with the ears...4 1/4" tall.  They sit on a 1" heart.  If you have a preference of design on the material let me know.  My girlfriend, absolutely hates gingham, so let me know likes and dislikes!!!!  I have it all!!!!
The other item are my flower face pots.  They sit in a 2 1/2" pot with a 4" dowel, so probably 8" tall.  They are $4.00 each plus s/h.  Again, any color can be made.

Sorry about the blurryiness of my picture in the header.   It's not you, don't adjust your screen.  lol   It looked good on the camera.  It looked good in the files, till he got here!!!!   He's on a 10" wreath and is $15.00 plus s/h.  e-mail me:  lois_ling@hotmail.com.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My homemade purse

Between cutting out, sewing and stuffing bunnies, eggs and carrots, I took a Raggedy purse class.  It was 2 Wednesdays  for 4 hours each Wed, except we all stayed an exta 2 hours this past Wed to finish up.  I still have homework!!!! I have to snip all the ends, wash and dry it to give it that fluffy, ragged look.  This is the finished product.   There were only 3 of us in this particular class and each on of us did a different size and different colors.  One was browns and golds and the other was dark greens and browns.  Everyone's turned out nice.  I should have taken pics of theirs but didn't.  The one lady is into scrap booking so I was taking pics of her in the progress of her purse.

Hopefully, soon, I'll show you some of the finished bunnies.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


New word in our vocabulary...at least for me!!!!   And a new recipe.  Who would have thought I would be sharing a recipe.   And just in time for Valentine's Day.  Chocolate/Peanut Butter and Fritos!!!!  What girl could ask for more????
This is what you need...
And you can find the recipe here:   www.food.com/recipe/funky-frito-fruckies-77797
My hubby's birthday is today.  We bowl on Sat night.  So, am taking a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing and the Fruckies!!!!  I'm sure everyone will be on a sugar high tonight!!!! lol  Maybe I'll bowl better????  Can only hope!!!

And, I've been busy redoing bunnies.  These are the new bunnies.  The mother and babies were white.
The 2 resin ones were a darker shade.  And the single bunny was a light shade.  She's not done, have to do the ears and put a second coat on.  But, this gives you an idea of what it will look like and why I've not been posting.

In the meantime, I have been cutting out material bunnies, eggs and carrots.  Will post those later.

Happy Chocolate Valentine's Day!!!