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Monday, February 21, 2011

It's baaaccckkk!!!!

Yuk!!!!!  The snow is back!!!!  We were spoiled by those 60 degree temps late last week!!!!  But, I knew it was too soon to get excited and think spring was here.  Not in W. PA.  We will have weather like this till April!!!!

Still working on my new bunnies, but will show you my egg bunnies.  I see there are no yellow or pink ones in that group.  Any color can be made.  I had other bunny pics from last year,  I took the pics on another camera, but do you think I can find those pics.

  I heard that.....start scrapping, and have your pics in an album!!!!! 

 And intentions are good...
I've bought the paper, the embellishments, but I just don't have time to work on that too!!!!  I either need more hours in the day.   More days of the  week.  More of me.  Or don't do the housework!!!! 

The eggs are $3.50 each plus s/h.  It's a 2" egg and with the ears...4 1/4" tall.  They sit on a 1" heart.  If you have a preference of design on the material let me know.  My girlfriend, absolutely hates gingham, so let me know likes and dislikes!!!!  I have it all!!!!
The other item are my flower face pots.  They sit in a 2 1/2" pot with a 4" dowel, so probably 8" tall.  They are $4.00 each plus s/h.  Again, any color can be made.

Sorry about the blurryiness of my picture in the header.   It's not you, don't adjust your screen.  lol   It looked good on the camera.  It looked good in the files, till he got here!!!!   He's on a 10" wreath and is $15.00 plus s/h.  e-mail me:  lois_ling@hotmail.com.

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