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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A surprise!!!! A reminder!!! A pet peeve!!!!

Hi everyone,  another week gone by!!!!  I guess everyone's busy getting ready for Christmas shows. 
And speaking of.....don't forget our online Old Fashioned Christmas Craft Show this weekend.  Hope everyone checks out all 34 crafters that will be participating.  I can't wait to see what everyone has to offer.  Should be fun....shopping from home.   No finding a parking space.  No fighting the crowds to get what you want.  No tired feet!!!!!   No driving in bad weather to go shopping.  But, let's hope there is no bad weather anyway!!!!! lol  And have you checked out the giveaways that are being offered?    These are the ones I know of, there may be more.  All great giveaways!!!!!




I got the best surprise today!  I go out to get the mail and here on my step is a package!!!!!  Sheila from Seasons of thy Heart sent me a fall arrangement.  What a surprise that was.  I love it!!!!  And I also got a Huckleberry flavored cake of soap!!!!!  Thank you so much Sheila.  I will always think of you when I get it out.
 Isn't that tree gorgeous????  It catches your eye everytime I come into this room and especially when the sun is shining, as it just glows.  Just wish I could see it from my window where I paint.   It's just down from my flower garden in front of the other window that's on my hubby's side of the room!!!!  Yes, we built this room on for me to craft in and half of it's mine and the other half his.  But, I'm slowing taking over!!!!!  And Monica's little table and toys are on his side too!!!! lol
Now, my pet peeve.   THEY HAVE STARTED CHRISTMAS COMMERICIALS ON TV!!!!!  Let's do Thanksgiving and be thankful for what we have instead of trying to be more greedy.  I want to see the Butterball turkey ads.  They were cute.  "Don't tell so and so the turkey's dry!!!!"  Too funny.  What happened to the Thanksgiving commercials anyway?????

Thanks to everyone who stops by.  I love getting company.  And right now, I have a chocolate cake w/peanut butter icing and a cornbread to offer you.  Yum-Yum!!!!!



  1. Hi Lois, Thanks for promoting the Christmas Craft Show! I can't wait to see what everyone has to offer! I've bought one of Sheila's can arrangements before! She does great work! Plus, she's a fellow "Idahoan"! I'll stop by this weekend! Kim

  2. The arrangement from Sheila is sooo gorgeous!
    I share your pet peeve about rushing past giving thanks so we can commercialize the heck out of Christmas. :O

  3. Love the photos, the autumn colors are beautiful. I'm with you on let's not rush the season. I saw Christmas items being put out in stores before Halloween was over. What happened to Thanksgiving? I don't watch TV or I'd be really peeved I'm sure.

  4. Any chocolate cake left? ;o) Seriously - your arrangement from Shelia is gorgeous - that lady has an amazing gift...I love everything she does...I have one of her Americana arrangements and LOVE it - wish I could have one for every season.....And, yeah - I'm with you on the "too soon already" - it used to be you would be hard pressed to find a Christmas show on Thanksgiving weekend - and now they started them on the Hallmark channel before Halloween! What the heck??!!! It's wrong!!! Good luck with the online show - will try to pop in, but I have some deadlines I'm coming up against. (What did I get myself into???) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Well, you certainly brought up a good point about the Christmas commercials and shows being on already. It always bothered me that I would see Christmas candy out before they removed the Halloween left overs! Yet, as a crafter we are in the same boat when it comes to "rushing" things. If we don't we miss out on those sales. I don't like it but what are we to do?
    By the way LOVE this new look of your blog page!