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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Power Washing and Woot-Woot

Hi again!!!!

Well, I had a picture and now it's gone from my files and I deleted it in the camera!!!.  Anyway, my husband was power washing the sidewalks and I just watched mesmorized for 15 min....maybe more....just watching how the power of water could clean so well!!!!  It looks like we have new sidewalks.  And with me having 10 thousand things to do, I'm watching him clean sidewalks!!!!

And, the good news....woot-woot.  The Ebensburg, PA Wal-Mart now has material!!!!!  They don't have the seasonal in yet, but hey, it's a start!!!!  I didn't see any Morning Glory fiberfill, but I just glanced as I was on a time limit.....husband with me!!!!!

Have a blessed Sunday,



  1. You're funny, Lois!! Glad you're enjoying "life's simpler pleasures!" Happy Sunday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. lol too funny about the sidewalks. Can he come do mine?
    I read on FB where another Walmart in another state now has fabric too - it's about time!!! Woot!

  3. HI..I'm from South GA and we got our fabric dept. back..I probably sent a 100 emails to Walmart and I am still sending them for Morning Glory...at least I get free shipping from Amazon.