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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Busy, Busy!!!!

I've been busy for the past month.  A friend of mine has me repaint things that she has.  Some things are new, she likes the item but not the paint job.  Some, as in the pics you will see, need a complete makeover!!!!  A month ago, she gave me all these pieces, plus some I didn't take pics of, I had a total of 8 items she wanted redone.  
I did leave the basic color scheme going here, as I liked the color of the shell to begin with.  And that strap is Mint Green, it looks like the original....aqua.

I forgor to take a pic before I started.  It has one coat of orange paint on it.  You can see the spotches it you really look at it.

She has all these items hanging around her pool fence.  She says she feels like she's in Hawaii now!!!!

Now to get busy on fall things!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great summer!!!!


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