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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Spring!!!!

Hi everyone!!

I think time is traveling in double time.  I was going to write this on Sat.  Then Sun.
Then Mon and here it is Wed and we're one day into spring.  Although, it's feels like
summer out there!!!

On Sat. I had Monica.  A few years ago, I bought a 2-wheeler at a yard sale.  We worked with

her last year, but she just wasn't getting the hang of balancing.  So, brought it out, held onto her seat the first time.  The second time, my hand was there, but she thinks I was holding on, till I told her I wasn't and the next time my hand was there again and she was off and running pedaling!!!!!

Then we decorated our one bush with eggs.
Then we played ball.
We had a busy afternoon.
And today, I finally took a picture of my primroses.  The yellow ones, I was concerned about last year as they hardly bloomed.  Look at them now!!!!!
I think I should clean those stones out!!!!

One of these days, I'll get my tree decorated in the living room.  Right now, all it has on there are some eggs.  Then I'll take pics of my Easter decorations AND my Easter Snoopys!!!!!  Bet you can't wait!!!!! lol

Alot of giveaways out there.  Check them out.  And I'm adding more things on my Etsy site.  Take a look. 


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Busy, busy!!!

Been busy trying to get ready for a craft show the end of the month.  List some new things on Etsy.
And decorate the house for Easter.  I have everything out, except for the dining room table.  It has a Christmas tablecloth on.  St. Patrick's centerpiece and Easter all around!!!!  After tomorrow, I will clean off my table and I do mean clean off!!!  My table is a catch-all for what I don't know what to do with something.  It always looks nice when I change tableclothes.  I guess I should do it more often.  I did see they had valentine tableclothes, but I thought for a one day holiday, I didn't want to change tableclothes.  And then I would for sure, have to change it for St. Pat's. 

Here are a few things I listed on Etsy.  These will be my only pictures.  Will take pics next week of the Easter decorations.

Have to make a trip to the dentist!!!!  Last weekend, while eating a sandwich, a corner piece of a molar came out.  Then on Sun, while eating french toast, on the other side, another piece of tooth fell out!!!!!  I'm falling apart, I tell ya!!!!  So, call the dentist Monday morning and he's out of town for the week!!!!  Luckily, no nerves are exposed, but my tongue keeps checking them out.  Isn't it funny how the tongue has to check out what goes on with the teeth!!!  If you get a tooth drilled, as soon as the dentist is out of your mouth, the tongue checks out the hole!!!!  Have an appointment Mon morning.  Hopefully, I make it through this weekend without anymore fallouts!!!!! lol

Everyone enjoying this lovely weather???  It is amazing.  My tulips are really up.  The lilac bush has started coming back to life. The primroses are blooming.  Should be out there cleaning up, but I'm not.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me.  Love company!!!

Have a good weekend.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Here I am!!!!

Here I am, I'm not lost.   Don't ask me where the time has gone.  We all got an extra day but it flew by just like the rest of them do.  Was going to write on the 1st as that was my daughter's birthday, but that has come and gone!!!! 

Thought I better acknowledge the award Felicia gave me.    The Liebster Award.    Liebster is a German word which means “dearest” or “beloved”, but can also mean “favorite”. The aim of the Liebster Blog Award is to draw more attention to some really lovely blogs with 200 or less followers.  I am honored.  Thank you, Felicia.
Visit Felicia at www.raggedycreations.blogspot.com and visit with her and her lovely blog.

I put the snowmen away today.  Of course, it was snowing out and I'm putting them away!!! lol  Will be putting the remainder of the Christmas decorations away this week, which are mainly winter items.

I was going to take a pic of my primrose blooming last week when it was warm out, but everytime I went out, I forgot the camera.   My tulips and daffodils are up about 3".  Bet they wish they were back in the ground after yesterday and today.  Tonight temps are going to be in the teens!!!!!  YIKES!!!!

I listed some new things on Etsy last week.  Have some more new things to put on this week.
 This is a seasonal bear that you can change for each holiday.  There are different colors of bows to change also.  They are velcroed on.  Colleen Parry design.

 A Renee Mullins design.
Time changes ahead this Sat night, so it will be lighter longer in the evenings....Yahhhh!!!!!
And then spring arrives on the 20th!!!  Yahhhhh!!!!

Thanks for my new followers and my old friends.  Love all the comments I get!!!!

Till next time, take care.