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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Busy, busy!!!

Been busy trying to get ready for a craft show the end of the month.  List some new things on Etsy.
And decorate the house for Easter.  I have everything out, except for the dining room table.  It has a Christmas tablecloth on.  St. Patrick's centerpiece and Easter all around!!!!  After tomorrow, I will clean off my table and I do mean clean off!!!  My table is a catch-all for what I don't know what to do with something.  It always looks nice when I change tableclothes.  I guess I should do it more often.  I did see they had valentine tableclothes, but I thought for a one day holiday, I didn't want to change tableclothes.  And then I would for sure, have to change it for St. Pat's. 

Here are a few things I listed on Etsy.  These will be my only pictures.  Will take pics next week of the Easter decorations.

Have to make a trip to the dentist!!!!  Last weekend, while eating a sandwich, a corner piece of a molar came out.  Then on Sun, while eating french toast, on the other side, another piece of tooth fell out!!!!!  I'm falling apart, I tell ya!!!!  So, call the dentist Monday morning and he's out of town for the week!!!!  Luckily, no nerves are exposed, but my tongue keeps checking them out.  Isn't it funny how the tongue has to check out what goes on with the teeth!!!  If you get a tooth drilled, as soon as the dentist is out of your mouth, the tongue checks out the hole!!!!  Have an appointment Mon morning.  Hopefully, I make it through this weekend without anymore fallouts!!!!! lol

Everyone enjoying this lovely weather???  It is amazing.  My tulips are really up.  The lilac bush has started coming back to life. The primroses are blooming.  Should be out there cleaning up, but I'm not.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me.  Love company!!!

Have a good weekend.



  1. Cute creations there, Lois!! Looks like your staying busy!!

  2. You have been busy Lois! Sweet springtime goodies. Though I love the darker more prim colors I can't resist the pretty pastels I've always known for Easter!
    Hope your show is a sell out. Good luck with the dentist too.

  3. Lois, your table sounds like mine, we had unexpected company yesterday and the dining room table looked like a craft store had exploded on it! Love your new creations, those egg bunnies are adorable! My DH is having the same teeth issues as you and is bemoaning getting older, glad to hear you aren't in any discomfort with them. Lucky you on the weather, we got about 4 inches of snow here today!! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and yours, Deb

  4. Hi Lois, sounds like you have been busy. The bunnies are really creative! Best of luck at the dentist :)

  5. Oh yikes - hope your mouth is feeling better by now.....I hate dental issues with a passion. And lol on the "mixed holiday" decor. When I have family over, we play "I Spy" - and they look for decorations from past holidays - those who find one from each holiday gets a prize. Yeah - well, THEY think it's fun. ;o) Smiles & Spring Hugs ~ Robin