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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another package!!!

I love getting packages in the mail.

  I got another one today.  Cyndi from http://cyndisdistinctivecreations.blogspot.com/ had a giveaway and she was giving a little something for everyone who signed up for the giveaway.  It came to today.
Isn't she just darling?????  I love her!!!!!  She even has a little carrot on her arm.  So check out her blog.  Cyndi has some really cute gals hanging around with her.

Thanks again Cyndi!!!!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

I got a package in the mail!!!!

I was a winner!!!  Doris at thecraftcabin was having a follower giveway and I was picked and I claimed my prize.  A cute night light.
In fact, my granddaughter even spotted it, but then she doesn't miss a thing!!!!  She notices everything that has been changed, except, so far, she hasn't missed any of her toys that she outgrew that I put in a yard sale last weekend!!!!!

Check out Doris's blog http://www.thecraftcabin.blogger.com/.  You won't be disappointed.  Thanks, Doris.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Well, lets try this again!!!   I hate when it doesn't get published.  AAARRRGGHH!!!!

Hi .....everyone enjoy the first day of summer????  Hot and humid here.  For me, it's kinda depressing.  After this week, the days will be getting shorter.  But let's not go there!!!

I think the last pic the stones were just laying there, not in the ground.  This is what I see from my window where I paint.

Then we started doing the footprint stones of our granddaughter.  We couldn't wait and the first one is when she was 6mo. old.  They will go around to the right, behine that daylily.  We'll be doing another one in the next 2 months.
How about those pansies???  Pretty, huh??

And here's where I put that enamel pan with impatiens in.  I wanted a flowing plant and was going to put it on it's side and this plant flowing out of it.  The plant behind it would have been perfect, but it has grown and spread that it's up against the tree now.

The brush behind those chairs is what that whole area looked like before I started clearing it all out.  When hubby saw how nice it was he joined in and helped too.  He got a guy to pull the stumps of trees out and level it up abit.
My patch of Sweet Williams.

Enjoy your summer.


Saturday, June 18, 2011


Hi everyone,
Last post I said I was working on my walkway through my flower garden.  Well, tonight I
finished it!!!!!  This is a starting point.
This is where it will take you.  To our sitting area.  This all used to be brush and small locust trees.  I started
clearing it out to open up my flower garden so the sun could get in more.  The flowers are still straining to see
the sun!!!!                                                                                                                                                  
Then when I look out my window while painting, this is the starting point of another pathway leading to the chairs.

And this is just another pic from the lower portion only moved up to show how the two paths meet up.
I have one extra stone left over.  And in looking over the pics, the top portion isn't done in the pic.  That branch sticking out is my Hawthorne tree.  I think I need to prune it!!!! 

Today there was a community yard sale in this little town, and I had a few things my granddaughter has outgrown, so took them to a friend's house to sell and sat with her.  She was showing me her garden, and she has quite a few prennials that have spread and she gave me 3 plants.  So had to find a place for them.  Then I purchased more impatiens that were on sale......can't pass up a sale.  Now I must put them in.  I was out in the garden till 8:45 tonight.  The bugs were starting to feast on me so thought I better quit.

Was going to take a pic of those yellow flowers but it was early evening and they were closing up already.  Want to show you their pretty faces!!!.

If you noticed that white enamel tube in the first pic....I picked that up at a yard sale.  Think I'm going to put the impatiens in there.  Now to find a place for it!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and looking at my garden.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another week!!!!

Hi everyone,

Well another week gone!!!!   I did get some spring cleaning done, some of my stones are put in....in the flower garden.    Worked on them tonight and got alot done.  Even placed the rest of them for next week's work!!!!  Will take pics of that project next time.

Now, it's been hot and humid here.  Had some afternoon thunderstorms on Thur and Fri.  At least my hubby didn't have to water the flowers!!!!

I showed a pic of an oar in my last post and a lady saw it and wanted a Cape Lookout lighthouse.  So, here are some pics of this project.

Till next time, have a good week.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A new month!!!!

Well, let's try this again.  It didn't publish.   AAARRGGHHH!!!!

I've read where alot of you are having trouble  commenting on other blogs.  So far....knock on wood...I haven't had any trouble.

Well, the heat has arrived!!!!  We went from winter to summer in a few days.  And it was hot yesterday....92 degrees here.  And a little humid.  Hate humid!!!!

Trying to get some spring house cleaning done.

And work in the flower garden.  Sorry no pics.  I'm planning on putting some cement stones in as a walkway through it.  Maybe when I'm finished and then my Sweet Williams will be in bloom.  Some have started already.

Have a great summer,