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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Well, lets try this again!!!   I hate when it doesn't get published.  AAARRRGGHH!!!!

Hi .....everyone enjoy the first day of summer????  Hot and humid here.  For me, it's kinda depressing.  After this week, the days will be getting shorter.  But let's not go there!!!

I think the last pic the stones were just laying there, not in the ground.  This is what I see from my window where I paint.

Then we started doing the footprint stones of our granddaughter.  We couldn't wait and the first one is when she was 6mo. old.  They will go around to the right, behine that daylily.  We'll be doing another one in the next 2 months.
How about those pansies???  Pretty, huh??

And here's where I put that enamel pan with impatiens in.  I wanted a flowing plant and was going to put it on it's side and this plant flowing out of it.  The plant behind it would have been perfect, but it has grown and spread that it's up against the tree now.

The brush behind those chairs is what that whole area looked like before I started clearing it all out.  When hubby saw how nice it was he joined in and helped too.  He got a guy to pull the stumps of trees out and level it up abit.
My patch of Sweet Williams.

Enjoy your summer.



  1. Nice pictures Lois.. love the footprints!

  2. Hi Lois,

    Wow I can't believe the work you have done in your yard... lots and lots of brush removal! Things are lookin great..

    Your Grands' footprints are precious, a very neat idea!


  3. Hi Lois,
    Things are looking good. All it does here in Wisconsin is rain, rain, rain. Can't get much done outside. Everything is mud. Like the footprints.
    Becky at Ginger Creme Hollow