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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day...what's left of it.  Hope everyone had a great day.  I had breakfast with my parents, husband and oldest daughter.  Got a phone call from the second daughter.  She had an anniversary yesterday.  7 years.  They just bought a house.  She lives on the outskirts of Allentown.  She lives close to the Cinnamon Stick and I visited with Judy at her store last year. 

Posted some new pics on my sidebar.  One is the breadboard that I asked "should it be stained or left alone?"  Well, I stained it.  If you want to see the difference, scroll down to March 16th post.  It does make a difference!!!!!

I found  an oar in GW last year and finally painted it up.   Sometimes, I have to leave things sit and then an idea pops into my head what I want on the piece.  It's narrow...3 1/2" wide...28" long.

The sheep pattern I got out of Create & Decorate...the lastest issue.  You have to go to their site to download the patterns.  There are 3 different.

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  1. Morning sweetie...hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day..Baby girl Jen had a Mother's Day brunch for me and mama on Saturday and then mama and daddy came to my house Sunday and I fixed dinner and we just sat on the back porch and had the best day....love the light house painted on the boat paddle...I have the old boat paddle daddy always used when he'd take me and my sister fishing...it's hanging on my wall in the living room along with his old coon hunting horn...just looking at them brings back so many beautiful memories...thanks so much for coming by sweetie...hope you have a beautiful week...Picket