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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Changed my template.  Ready for Christmas!!!!  I don't know how you girls do it....Craft, FB, do your blog, Pinterest...I haven't got there yet.  And put things in your Etsy store!!!  I'm doing something wrong!!!!

Well, anyway, hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  Our youngest daughter was home, that's her only trip home.  Sometimes in the summer they come home, but lately, we've been going over there in the summertime.
Here's some Thanksgiving photos.

 Amy, Monica and Shawn
 Amy and Melissa  Looks like I was a little shakey here!!!! :(
This is where the kid belongs!!!!  Melissa, Monica and Doug.
Have the house decorated.  Still have my Snoopy set up to get up and the little tree in the living room need decorated.
Going to Pittsburgh tomorrow to shop with my cousin and her SIL. 
Hope I'm back sooner!!!!!